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Scuba Diving Photos : Competitions

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Welcome to the divetime underwater photography competition page. We already host numerous professional underwater photographers from all around the world and take pride in exhibiting their work for the world to see. But now it's your chance to have your work shown to thousands of people. Every month users can now submit their scuba diving photos to be entered in a monthly competition.

The top images for the month will then be voted on by users of the site, and the photograph with the most votes will then be featured both on our facebook page and on our home page, an area otherwise reserved only for professional photographers.

How to Enter

- Register a username if you have not done so already

- Select your best photograph.

- Add the image via the photo uploader on our photos page, selecting the category 'competitions'.

- Fill out the photo details.

- Click submit

Competition Rules and Guidelines

- Users may enter up to 5 images per competition.

- File sizes may not exceed 1mb.

- All photos must be underwater or of scuba diving nature.

- Watermarked images are accepted, unless deemed intrusive to the image itself.

- Submissions will run from the final Friday of each month until the end of the third week of the following month, with voting taking place in the last week.

- After each monthly competition period, photographs submitted during that time to the competition category will be moved into their regular respective categories on

- You may not submit the same image twice, even in different competition months.

- No more than 1 image by any 1 photographer will be placed in the finals.

Enter Now

NB: You need to select the photo category 'competitions' in the photo upload process to take part.

Voting Procedure

To vote for a photo, simply click the thumbnail and view the main image. Above the image there will be a 'Like' button, clicking this like button will count as a vote for the image. The image with the most likes at the end of the voting period will win.

Photos currently entered into monthly competition

Half & half Average Rating = 0.00/5
Half & half
By: michelledevilliers
Stingray City Dive Grand Cayman Average Rating = 0.00/5
Stingray City Dive Grand ...
By: michelledevilliers
The Aquarium Average Rating = 0.00/5
The Aquarium
By: michelledevilliers
Banded Shrimp Average Rating = 5.00/5
Banded Shrimp
By: Rovan
Beauty Average Rating = 5.00/5
By: ahmed_adel
Close Contact Average Rating = 0.00/5
Close Contact
By: ahmed_adel
Nudi Branch Average Rating = 0.00/5
Nudi Branch
By: ahmed_adel
French Angelfish Average Rating = 5.00/5
French Angelfish
By: michelledevilliers
Orang Utan crab Average Rating = 0.00/5
Orang Utan crab
By: demang50
Nemo Average Rating = 0.00/5
By: demang50
peacock Average Rating = 0.00/5
By: demang50
Southern Stingray Average Rating = 4.83/5
Southern Stingray
By: michelledevilliers
porcelain crab feeding Average Rating = 0.00/5
porcelain crab feeding
By: demang50