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Deco Decals Dive Planning Set

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Deco Decals Dive Planning Set
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From entry level TEC divers to seasoned instructors, the fundamentals of dive planning are the same. Deco-Decals make recording those plans simple. The Dive Planning Deco-Decals are digitally printed on high quality gloss vinyl, with a durable transparent varnish. Write your plans using a waterproof pen and wipe clean afterwards with a magic eraser" or similar product. The decals can be used multiple times before they need replacing. Plan Your Dive... Dive Your Plan. However, if you stay longer, venture deeper or even have a drama, your Deco-Decals have a plan for that too!!! For all TEC dives up to about 230' (70 meters) they fit the bill perfectly. Divers all over the world are already using Deco-Decals!!! If you are task loaded, or if your computer lets you down, simple to read and follow dive plans are essential. Traffic light colored-coded to highlight best practice in dive planning, the colored boarders allow divers to easily identify the status of the dive at a glance. The primary decal (green) allows all the necessary information to be recorded, it includes; maximum depth (with two deep stops), run times, gases carried (both primary and deco) and a way-point check. The user friendly grids record depth with the corresponding run time written below, making your dive plan simple to read and understand at depth. They are sized to fit a standard wrist slate. Plan your dive - dive your plan' was first coined by Hal Watts, CEO and founder of the PSAI training agency and has become synonymous within scuba diving. Deco-Decals draw upon this principle and are designed to make the recording of decompression dive plans for technical diving (both OC and CC) simple. The decals are ideal for instructors teaching planning skills to students, as they emphasize the importance of preparing for set scenarios. Information for each plan can be recorded using the standardized format on each of the decals. They are also perfect for buddy pairs or dive teams following a set dive plan or running tables. Designed to fit nearly every scuba-diving wrist slate available, color-coded to identify set scenarios for training and diving, peels off cleanly, leaving little if any adhesive residues and each decal measures 7.87" x 4.65" (200 mm x 118 mm). The V2 decal is the latest version of Deco-Decal dive planning set. Slightly larger, it is easier to write on and easier to read underwater.

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