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The Cook Islands Scuba Diving

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It was during the Great Polynesian Migration in 1500BC that the first inhabitants of the Cook Islands arrived in their giant canoes (Vaka's) using stellar navigation. The famous Chieftan at the time - Toi, presided over the construction of a coral road known today as Aa Metua. The existence of the Great Road of Toi and the reason for its construction endlessly perplexed early European explorers. Today the road is filled in with tar and at 1000 yrs old, remains in excellent condition.

The islands are named by the Russians, in honour of Captain James Cook who arrived there in the late 1700's. Today the remaining culture is a combination of both Polynesia and European. The people of the Cook Islands are known to celebrate their proud heritage and culture on as many occasions as possible. Their traditional tribal dance, known as the hypnotic Ura, is said to stay with visitors long after their departure. Each island has their own story to tell through the dance and it is integrated into the lives of the tribal members from a very young age, they even compete between islands.

The Cooks comprise 15 islands surrounded by the Samoas, Tahiti and the islands of French Polynesia. Today its total population is 19,000 with Rarotonga, the largest island, home to the capital Avarua.

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