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Dive Sites : Oceania and Pacific : Australia : Northern Territory

Northern Territory Scuba Diving

29 Dive Sites in 2 Destinations

Diving in the Northern Territory offers both tropical and wreck diving in the surrounding waters. Although visibility in the Territory's waters ranges from 3 to 30 metres, the areas still offers an array of tropical fish, a rich and prolific range of invertebrate life as well as dives in freshwater. Major destinations include Darwin Harbour and the offshore reefs and islands.

Tropical temperatures mean that diving in the Northern Territory is great all year round. However the best time for diving is during the 'Dry Season' from May to October when Box Jellyfish are not present off the coast. Lycra suits are strongly recommended during these months. Saltwater crocodiles are present in the Northern Territory waters, and local advice should be sought.

Tides in the Darwin area can reach up to 8 metres (26 feet) and bring with them strong currents. Diving is generally restricted to neap tides with minimum movement.

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