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Mexico Scuba Diving

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One of the origins of the name 'Mexico' is; "Place at the middle of the moon" from the Aztec that legend tells of the 'Mexicas' tribe who first saw the moon's mesmerizing reflection upon Lake Texcoco when they arrived. Metztli = moon and co = place.

The region's population presently averages 109 million. Mexico's landscape hosts many ancient temples such as Chichen Itza in the north of the Yuctan and archeological ruins at Tulum, all of which harbor deep mysterious ritual and history of a tribe that declined steeply in number due to reasons that continue to remain subject to both ecological and non ecological speculation.

Home to one of Jacques Cousteau's favorite spots at Palancar, the unique culture of Cenote diving and the second largest coral reef in the world, Mexico boasts an array of underwater adventure that varies richly from most of its tropical counterparts.

The Meso-American reef reaches from the tip of the reaches from the tip of the Yucatan down to the Honduras Bay Islands offers divers amazing drift experiences along coral covered walls with turtles, schools of Tarpon and hundreds of other marine species.

Mexico has the world's largest cavern system that spans inland for as far as 30 miles. Part of this are the Cenotes, sweet water caves and caverns formed by water filtering through limestone over many years. This fresh natural resource for the ancient Mayans has now become a popular diving tradition, specifically in the Yucatan area. Cenote water temperatures usually average 24 degrees Celsius.

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