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The Red Sea Scuba Diving

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Several theories vie for the lead when it comes to the origin of the name 'Red Sea'. From the colour of the algal blooms and the mountains close by to the bordering desert (Dashret, meaning 'red land')

Then there's the more contemporary hypotheses of Asiatic cardinal points designating colour ie: Black Sea = north. Red Sea= south as well as the array of tribal lineage claims going back to Moses and the Egyptians, all in the face of which it remains very blue and is one of the best known diving spots on the planet.

The Red Sea came about as a result of tectonics that caused a rift 30 million years ago. It stretches from the Sanai Peninsula in the north for 1000 miles into Indian Ocean down south around Ethiopia and Yemen. Three main factors contribute to the sea's well know high levels of salinity, namely a lack of freshwater inlets and drainage, very little contact with the Indian ocean and an imbalance in evaporation and precipitation.

Scuba Diving The Red Sea

This Global 200 ecoregion beats any legal dive limits at a maximum depth of 8,200 feet. Over the past few decades divers have descended on the area in hordes and problems arose due vandalism of the 5 - 7000 year old reefs. Laws have been instituted in certain areas since to prevent this from continuing, and centers now have the authority to ban divers who contravene this policy.

Red Sea Marine Life

Marine life comprises over a thousand invertebrates and fish species and hundred of soft and hard coral along its 2000km coral reef, designating endless dive locations Read moreRead more

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