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Given the large land mass that is the African continent, it is understandably difficult to characterise the nature of the diving throughout the region. From the warmer waters found further north, through to the more temperature seas found off the coast of Cape Town, Africa offers rich rewards for even the most experienced of scuba divers.

Discounting the Red Sea, which offers its own unique form of scuba diving, the majority of the scuba diving in Africa takes place in the warmer waters of the Indian Ocean that are found off the east coast of Africa. Here, countries such as Mozambique, Tanzania, Madagascar and South Africa all offer exceptionally good diving in pristine conditions. There are dive locations found right the way down the coast, all the way down to the tip of the continent at Cape Town, where the dual forces of the Atlantic and Indian Oceans combine to offer good diving all around the waters of the Western Cape of South Africa.

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