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The food is not enough



Apr 9, 2019, 7:35 PM
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The food is not enough Can't Post

The food is not enough to eat. I have not made wine in the family for a few years. After growing up in hunger, I have to go far away. My father sent me off and made a tank of rice wine years ago. The father prepared the firewood, and used the weeds or the twigs to make the wine. The rice that was burned had the clear fragrance of the weeds, and the firepower of Wangwang was enough to make the rice bran. To this end, the father used a scythe to fix the saw to make the ladder and repair the branches. For a few days, the glutinous rice was newly smashed out of the stored rice. The glutinous rice stored for a long time lacked water, and the cockroach was poor, and the quality of the wine was poor. a lot of. The round glutinous rice was soaked in the clear water for a day, sucking up the water, after the scouring, the crystal was bright and bright, the pearl-like enamel was beautiful before the steaming, the family cleaned the house and the house, and the stove was washed a few times. All over, wash your hands first in front of the church to worship, the father said, this is a respect for the god of wine, the god of wine will bless you to make the old wine of the fragrant. In fact, in addition to the gray house is to ensure that the steam water is not ash, not to let the wine smell oily, the wine will be pure; the incense is for the pure heart, without the slightest distracting []Newport Cigarette Price, only pure wine It is a good wine. Legend has it that the Xia Dynasty wine god Du Kang used three drops of blood from three people: the scholar, the general and the beggar. From then on, there will be elegant, heroic, frustrated, what kind of mood can drink what kind of wine. When the wine has arrived, it is made of water, so the name is wine, and it makes people feel like a dusk when they drink. The steamed rice steamer is an essential dowry for women to marry. One is to wish the husband's family to flourish, and the other is to help the husband's family to make steamed cakes. It is a man's business to make wine. The father put the steamer on a large iron pot filled with water. Under the steamer, lay the washed straw platycodon and pour the glutinous rice into it. I am responsible for burning the fire. The fire of the weed branches is particularly prosperous []Newport Menthol Shorts. Out, I burned my hair and made a black face. My father taught me to burn the fire slowly to put the firewood in []Marlboro Red 100S Carton Cheap. I want the whole bottom of the pot to be burnt. Even the fire can make the iron pot hot together. The rice in the steamer will be cooked together. The fire is the root of the cooked rice. After going out to do things and make friends, you must also know how to control the fire. If you control the heat, you will get the trust of your friends. If you can't control the fire, you will burn yourself. A pot of rice will be fired from birth to fire. Need a different fire. Until my family no longer made wine, but this group of fire has been growing in my heart, life is a pot of rice, the person who burns is himself. Soon, a steamed rice cooked, crystal clear, grain up, full of rice grains to see the world for the first time, just want to move the fragrance. The father couldn't take care of the soda that went straight, picked up the big steamer, and rushed to the long-prepared big piece with a mist, poured the rice into it, and spread it out. The family gathered around and shouted. The father first put it in a small bowl and put it on the stove and the place where the incense was in front of the church. With the awe of the heart, he dedicated the kitchen god and his ancestors, and then gave it to each person as a baby. Small group. Pointing at the poor little group of white and tender, the father said slyly, this is a large bowl of wine, like someone else grabbed his beloved toy and did not wish. Rice entrance, really fragrant, there is a strong glutinous rice, a chewy sweet smell, but unfortunately can not eat more, otherwise there is no rice to make wine. My mother took out a grainy thing and said it was a wine. How do I look like a dog on the roadside? I wonder if my mother said that the wine is urine. It turned out to be a little bit smeared. The mother crushed the small group called the wine medicine into powder, and then washed the hot water tank and prepared it. The father continued to steam the rice, and when he was all right, he used the water in the old well of the village to pour the rice. First, the rice was not allowed to agglomerate. The second was cooling. The temperature was controlled at about 30 degrees, and the temperature after the lower tank did not exceed 35 degrees. The experienced father does not need a thermometer, and the hand feels more precise than the machine, because the heat machine in the rice core does not feel it. After the shower is good, put the rice into the jar, mix the wine with the mixture evenly, and finally lick a hole in the rice noodle called Sakai, add the well water to make the original dew, and then spread a layer of alcohol on the surface. Put it in the corner of the house where the wind can't blow, wrap the big tank with straw, and wait for three days. In three days, the wine cellar slammed, and the scent came out. Every day was fragrant, which made me keep running to the place where I put the wine tank. If my father said it, I couldn��t leak it. I ran. The temperature will be bad, I have to try it. Time finally arrived, opened the lid, the fragrance was more intense, my father announced that the wine was brewed, a cylinder of wine was condensed into a ball, and the cylinder was disengaged, and it tasted sweet, a bit spicy, not like old wine, because it really became old wine. After two weeks, the wine will continue to ferment. Then add water, a pound of rice can be made into two pounds of wine, drink a very gentle, then drink people to get hot, the wild grass is hidden in the wine, the fragrance of wild grass is also hidden in the wine, the tension of the glutinous rice is dissolved in the soft In the water, wildness and civilization meet in the wine. Before leaving, I drank the wine I had participated in for the first time. I didn��t have a toast to invite the moon. I only clinked my father gently. My father said that drinking wine is a man, and the man��s responsibility is not in the wine. Instead, let people around you know your fragrance, like the scent of wine. I was drunk that time, only knowing how powerful the wine was. Since then, the memory of wine has always been in my heart []Cigarette Cartons For Cheap. Jiangnan people's wine []Cigarettes For Sale Online Usa, Jiangnan people in the wine, sweet and sweet, gentle and gentle, talking quiet words, the heart hides the simple, primitive wild. Drink too much, Jiangnan people's cocktails will betray you, make you faint, and will make you become a poet, general, and aunt.

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