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In the past few days



Mar 12, 2019, 2:04 AM
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In the past few days Can't Post

In the past few days, the weather has plummeted. People have changed the past "good morning", "everyday happy", "physical health and well-being" and other greetings and greetings, such as "pay attention to keep warm and cold, rainy road slippery, pay attention to safety" and other friendly tips, mutual: "day Cold, please have a cup of hot tea, warm your heart"; "Start today, cool down, remember to wear more, don't catch a cold, pay attention to the body"; "clothes wear thick points, shoes wear warm spots" and so on. Whether it is a greeting or a prompt, it is all a thousand, and it is all moving. Put on the warm coat, wear the warm and breathable outdoor non-slip shoes, hold the flower umbrella []Cheap Cigarette, walk in the endless drizzle, hear the sound of the rain "tick, ticking", but do not stay on the umbrella for a while. Then, it will fall into the ground and infiltrate the soil and crops that have been dry for a long time. The flowers, trees and leaves will be vigorous and powerful after the fullness of the rain and the rain, and the place will be more powerful to resist the frost and the accumulation of energy and drought. Relieve, and bring the winter of one of the twenty-four solar terms to the front. Standing winter means that the beginning of winter, the cold will intensify. After the crops are harvested in winter, the plants grow slowly, or stop growing, and the animals begin to enter hibernation. "There is no frost in the drizzle, and the leaves in the front of the court are half-green. Xiaochun goes there for many days, where is the plum blossoms." This essay of Qiu Yuan's description of the winter scene can be called the current scene of the scene. Occasionally, the villagers pay homage to the ancestors in a special way such as prayer and paper money. It turns out that on the first day of the lunar calendar in October, for the festival of the Ancestors and the Winter Festival, people sent five colored papers to send the cold clothes to the undead, so that the ancestors would be hungry and frozen. On the first day of the first two days of the three major festivals of the three major festivals of the Ghost Festival in China, the first half of the Lunar New Year in the first month of the Lunar New Year��s Day and the Lunar New Year��s Day of the Lunar New Year��s Day, and the Lunar New Year��s Day of the Lunar New Year��s Day, don��t go out! Afterwards, concentrating on spiritual practice, paying homage to the ancestors, cherishing the old people, mourning the love, cherishing the wealth, the endowment of inheritance []Marlboro Cigarettes Sale, the inheritance of the virtues, the family of the family, the immortal foundation, the custom, thanks to the simple people, Infinite wisdom and extraordinary ability, using different forms and practices to inherit the traditional folk culture of thousands of years, also make our national culture, magnificent and splendid, Zhijiang Xiaodongtian Yingbin Avenue store, launched ��Sanitation workers love breakfast��, Nanning��s major supermarkets and vegetable markets, launching ��Sanitation Workers�� Love Counters��, ��Sanitation Workers�� Love Stories��, etc. These measures explain to people that ��labor is the foundation and means of human existence. A person is in perfection of physique, wisdom and morality. (Wushensky labor created all material wealth, and also endowed the important spiritual connotation of history and culture. The movement is glorious, the labor is pleasant, and the labor should be respected! The sanitation workers are called ��urban beauticians��, and the sanitation workers�� efforts should be cherished and loved by Jiangkou��s sincere outdoor volunteer community leaders and some volunteer members. Suffering from disability and Zhijian does not remind []Wholesale Cigarettes For Resale, the income is meager but good for charity, helping people to be happy and happy. Their footprints are spread all over the Zhijiang, the elderly who are given to social welfare institutions, the children whose parents are not around, and the weight The vulnerable people and some people who need help. When they see the bright smiles of these people, they are like a 75-year-old Zhou mother-in-law who is happy like a child []Buy Newport Cigarettes Online. Because she is retiring from working in a social welfare institution, she knows how to do it. In the past few years, I have insisted on squeezing out funds from my meager retirement wages and donating money for welfare institutions. When asked what her old name is and where she lives, she smiles and turns around. A gentleman who has gone to know me, in recent years, when he returns to his hometown, he will always donate three or five thousand yuan to the welfare home. He said: Be a good person, do good deeds, It is the traditional virtue of the Chinese nation. I hope everyone can care for the old people today, and build good morality. Tomorrow, we can naturally get the care of the society. Ms. Xiaoyan is also very generous. She often generously gives relief to the elderly and the left-behind children, regardless of fame and fortune. Sometimes it happened to meet a senior citizen who had never met before, and she did not hesitate to send a few hundred yuan to talk about her heart. She didn��t have more money and no place to spend, but the kindness in her bones drove her to do for the society. Some useful things, the rainy days, let me associate with the gift-making activities of Guanmiao Mountain Village. It was a day in September 2018 []Newports Cigarettes Website, and it was also a rainy day, the friends of Guanmiaoshan Literature Society in Zhijiang City. Yu Ren, under the leadership of the president, Ms. Wang Wenqi, walked into Guanmiao Mountain together: presented the village with the first magazine of Guanmiaoshan Literature, and also presented many other books, magazines and related materials to learn about Guanmiao Mountain: The Guanmiao Mountain Site is located in Guanmiao Mountain Village, Wen'an Town, Zhijiang City, Hubei Province. It is a Neolithic period. The site of the Yangtze River is dominated by Daxi culture. It has a history of 6,000 years and is the same in the Yangtze River Basin. Among the cultural sites of the generation, the site with the largest area, the best preservation, and the most representative representative is sent together to Guanmiaoshan people: together with the roots and ask the ancestors, together with the source, explore and sort out the essence of the Guanmiao Mountain culture for six thousand years. And the Da Miao Miao Shan Brand, expand the tourist route, promote the local economic development with the development of cultural tourism, this simple literati, no name, no regrets, just a deep literary feelings, do an ordinary literati should Responsible for the responsibility of the rich culture of Zhijiang, the excavation and display of the treasures is the moment of moving, every moment, moving, omnipresent, moving towards the established goal, rising up, never stopping

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