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Feb 27, 2019, 6:43 PM
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At the moment of the teaching building, there was a shallow sadness in my heart. I looked around and sighed softly. It should be gone, yeah, it should be pulled.ay is the day when Gao Sansheng left school. He did not expect happiness and joy. Instead, he was surprised and lost. The best life of three years has flowed through my fingertips in a hurry <a href="">Marlboro Gold</a>. I have tried to close the five fingers and I still can't stop the time. The wind in the afternoon was a bit scorching, and it was pressed against my body. It was a kind of madness. Suddenly my face wasook my head. I was a too sensible boy. It really became a science student. It is fate.uddenly I turned around and flew against the crowd, looking like a madman. Only I know, I have to go back and walk the way before, even if I don&#65533;&#65533;t see the person I want to see, I caront of the track and field, I slowed down. Now I can't remember how many times I pretended to pass by and pull from here. LENMON has to walk through here every day. I will only welcome her to go, even if it is just a cry: "Ice Blue" is just enough to pull. Well, it is on this road, I am accompanying her book, watching the moon, she is a very good girl, like a princess in a fairy tale, and I will always be a little noble, even if I try hard, I am only A small follower.g forward is the garden. "I don't stupidly ice. You are not bad, why bother to hang on a tree." "You are stupid, LENMON is so good <a href="">Marlboro Red</a>, you can't pull." When I walked with the two children, they would say the above. I only sank. What else can I say? Only a shallow answer, after the college entrance examination, I have to go to a foreign land to talk about a real love. But I understand, I am a person who is too persistent, I have no way to face my first love so calmly. violets in the garden are dazzling, I think they are laughing at me too. Yes, the eternal mouth is righteous, always want to send her back, but always refuse her request, will only follow her silly until she goes upstairs. In front of her, I will always say that other girls are good. When she told me that someone wanted her to be a girlfriend <a href="">Cigarette Online</a>, I always pretended not to care, but I really didn't call. In fact, her good, I know, just, I...ll finally come to the school gate. I smiled and bitter. Even if there are more memories here, let them go with the hot wind of June. Don&#65533;&#65533;t be lonely again, don&#65533;&#65533;t worry anymore, and it&#65533;&#65533;s also Waving with her. Graduation, say goodbye.n't be high school" days before the college entrance examination <a href="">Cheap Cigarettes Free Shipping</a>, I felt the end of my middle school life. The life committee handed over the keys to the class to the grade teacher. We also moved all the books back to their homes, and then waited for the college entrance exam after a holiday. This evening, my friend and I slipped to the high school campus. On the old sycamore tree around, the leaf tip trembled under the hustle and bustle of the sky, as boring as we were. Unconsciously, I walked into the old classroom <a href="">Wholesale Cigarettes</a>. It was accidental and inevitable. I couldn&#65533;&#65533;t help but feel sad.

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