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beautiful exterior.



Feb 11, 2019, 5:00 PM
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beautiful exterior. Can't Post

Paper-cutting is a well-known art, and its charm has made many people feel passionate about it. The knives between the papers are shining, and the beautiful form is created, which gives birth to the ideal beauty. Paper-cutting has long been my touched by my grandmother. I admire her like a celebrity star since I was a child, because of the lifelike and ingenious paper-cut []Marlboro 100 Carton Price. Every day, as long as the whim, there is a piece of ordinary paper, a home-made scissors for embroidering, for a while, the paper is reborn between shredded paper, and a vivid paper butterfly dances. For me at that time []Discount Marlboro 100S, this can only be compared with the magic in the cartoon []Cartons Newports Sale, it is amazing! Careful, she discovered my interest, and began to teach me the basics of paper-cutting. Looking at the paper-cut in my hands, my grandmother and I will smile.per-cutting has become a concern for me and my grandmother. When I arrived at elementary school, I was able to shine with paper-cutting. From the outstanding performance in the art class to the example of the work in the teacher's U disk, from the appreciation of teachers and classmates to the exhibits posted at the door of the class. These are undoubtedly my enthusiasm, but also make my grandmother feel full []Cartons Of Marlboro Reds.e flies, paper-cutting gradually withdraws from my "historical stage", and the forgotten pride is gradually forgotten. However, in the study of traditional culture, I gradually got a new understanding of paper-cutting. Paper-cutting was used as an ornament in the Han Dynasty in China, and it is a kind of traditional Chinese folk art. His historical origins, ideological connotations, and aesthetic values ??are more inspiring and comprehensible. In the paper-cutting technique books []Cheap Malboro Cigarettes Wholesale, I practiced my skills and slowly grasped people's desire for life and goodness in paper-cutting, which made me intoxicated. At this time, paper-cutting has undoubtedly become a hobby in my life, a fun hobby, giving people a hobby and a meaningful hobby.wadays, the tension in school is full of daily enthusiasm and the hobby of literacy. Whenever there is a little leisure, there is a piece of colored paper, an art scissors, carefully conceived, colorful patterns in the heart of the combination to bloom a wonderful spark, a simple and beautiful folding paper-cutting came into being. Although there are very few opportunities to meet with my grandmother, every time I talk about paper-cutting, I can be happy. Paper-cutting can also be a relaxation, a rhythmic I can't be the successor to inherit the paper-cutting technique, but what about cutting paper as a hobby? The hobby is like a mirror-like water surface, reflecting the connotation of a person from the side that is not easy to detect and ubiquitous, but also showing his charm. Cut the paper with your heart and you will also get the most beautiful exterior.

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