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Six years, six years,



Dec 21, 2018, 5:10 PM
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Six years, six years, Can't Post

Six years, six years, we have been together for six years! Although we have had friction in these six years, we have had unpleasant things, but I believe that all the frictions and all the unhappiness in the days of graduation will be happy by us, and will be given by all of us. Diluted, leaving only our happy memories, only our laughter and laughter in our ears. Time flies, in the twinkling of an eye, all of our classmates will be separated, and our happy times have become the most beautiful memories of the past <a href="">Marlboro Wholesale Price</a>. Even though we all have many disappointments, who can change our reality? We can't change the reality, so what we can do now is to enjoy the last little time with everyone. Although we are about to be separated, I believe that we will not forget our alma mater, and we will not forget the teachers and classmates who have been in the same boat with us. I have always believed that even if everything in the world will change, but our friendship will never change, still as it is, still so pure, or so innocent. Don't leave my dear classmates.t us pray for our alma mater and bless our teachers and classmates! May our alma mater be more brilliant tomorrow.o the teacherher, teacher" This is the first word I have learned since I entered school. This word is familiar to us at this moment, how wonderful we are to graduate from elementary school, although the teachers are very kind to us. Strict, sometimes a lot of homework <a href="">Cartons Of Newport Cigarettes</a>, but we always know that you are good for us, we always know that you care about us all the time, care about our growth <a href="">Buy Cigarettes Marlboro</a>, care about our work, care about our achievements... Dear Teacher, you have been caring for us for six years, you have been working for us for six years! In our world, apart from your loved ones, you care about us. Please let me call you a "teacher" for the last time. "Teacher is good." We will never forget you. We will not forget the teacher who taught us for six years <a href="">Free Newport Carton</a>. Don't leave my beloved teacher.the alma materdear teachers and classmates, we have been together for six years, have lived together for more than two thousand days <a href="">Cheap Marlboro 100'S Cigarettes Online</a>, have spent more than two thousand days of happy time, more than two thousand days! We met each other from acquaintances to acquaintances, and finally we took a deeper friendship than the sky. How precious this friendship is to us, how difficult it is to get a true friendship. Ah, but here we got it and got a lot of really good friends. Here we have many wonderful memories, there are many things that can be remembered for a lifetime. what! My dear alma mater, I have raised me for six years. How many happy memories have you brought me in these six years? How many things have happened to you in your life! Don't miss my great alma mater.alma mater, I love you! Teacher and classmates, I really will never forget you. I believe that we will have another chance to meet again, and our friendship will remain the same. Cherish it! My dear teacher and classmates. Goodbye!

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