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The moat of Nantong



Dec 13, 2018, 6:36 PM
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The moat of Nantong Can't Post

The moat of Nantong, the Weihe River, has a history of more than a thousand years. During these thousands of years, it has shouldered the heavy responsibility of defense, drainage and transportation. From time to time, there will be several river gulls passing by, and the fish will play and play in the river. In the Weihe River, there is a family of fish grandfathers, but they are deeply touched by the changes in the Weihe River. the Weihe River was not polluted, it was crystal clear. In the summer, there were often breeze blowing on the river. People rafting on the river seemed very, since the 1980s, there have been more and more diesel boats on the river, and domestic sewage has been discharged into the Weihe River <a href="">Cheapest Carton Of Newport Cigarettes</a>. Make the river turbid and dirty. The dead fish in a piece of water surfaced, the strange smell of diesel and dead fish, let the passing people lick their noses <a href="">Buying Marlboro Cigarettes Online</a>. Those who lived in the Weihe River from an early age did not complain at all. The grandfather's family is no exception. Fish dad said indignantly: "How is Nantong people like this? Luohe is their pride? How do they still pollute her?" "Yes, Luohe is their moat! How can we treat her like this? Hey, too. It&#65533;&#65533;s not like it.&#65533;&#65533; The fish mother said distressedly. The baby baby feels sad and angry with the innocent heart of the fish. Sadly, the Weihe River has become like this <a href="">Carton Of Newport 100 Cigarettes</a>. The Weihe River was originally the pride of Nantong, but now? It&#65533;&#65533;s going to be a shame! What is anger is why Weihe has to suffer such "treatment"? Why do you want to discharge wastewater into the Weihe River? The fish grandfather also coughed and complained: "They all blame the discharged waste water, coughing, which makes me fall and cough this disease root, cough!"as the Weihe River was crying silently, and the fish grandfather&#65533;&#65533;s family was indignant at the Weihe River, the fish found that the Nantong people had awakened. First of all, they "grass the roots", so that the diesel boats do not shuttle between the rivers. Then they open the floodgates, dredge the rivers, remove the mud, and speed up the improvement of the water quality of the Weihe River. Fundamentally let the Weihe River become clear. Weihe River has restored its former appearance! The grandfather&#65533;&#65533;s family began to swim and play happily <a href="">Carton Of Newport Shorts Price</a>. Listen, what are they talking about? "Oh! Our home has become the same way!" The fish baby of the year has grown up, but can not help but use the former "children" to express their feelings. Leading the fish grandfather, fish mother, fish father "haha laughed." Jiang Ou flew from the "body" of the Weihe River, and from time to time stood at the dockside for a while to see the Weihe River. people of Nantong continue to &#65533;&#65533;facelift&#65533;&#65533; the Weihe River, and we have installed many colorful lights on the banks of the Weihe River. At night, the colorful lights illuminate the Weihe River, as if wearing a gorgeous evening dress for her. The Weihe River has renewed its vitality. "The current Weihe River is like a magnificent palace, full of vitality!" The fish mother sighed. The grandfather returned to the spirit of the past, and even the voice became tough. He said: "The Weihe River is the jade necklace of Nantong, the pride of Nantong, and the cultural heritage of Nantong!"fish grandfather family has been happily living in the beautiful moat of Nantong <a href="">Cigarettes For Sale Online Usa</a>, the Weihe River. Now they may still see them jumping out of the Weihe River from time to time to see the beauty of the river.

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