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Classmates, do you



Dec 3, 2018, 12:12 AM
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Classmates, do you Can't Post

Classmates, do you know? There is such an uncle, he came to the world to be ordinary, leaving the world calm; his height is only 1.5 meters, but it has become the vanguard of millions of People's Liberation Army; he weighs less than 50 kilograms, but like a piece The boulder provokes a layer of waves deep in our hearts. Uncle is always young, because his uncle has a young face, his smile will always remain in the hearts of thousands of people! 22 years old is his eternal age. His diary, the more people read, the more energetic; his story, the more people listen, the more emotional! Classmates, in this 9.6 million square kilometers of land, which one does not know the uncle's English name? His name is called Lei Fenge Lei Feng, he is helpful, and it is not good.casion, Lei Feng came back with a little medicine because of a stomachache. When the building of Benxi Road Primary School was under construction, he pushed a small car to help transport the bricks. It was dried for several hours. This is Lei Feng; When changing a car on a business trip, Lei Feng found a train ticket and money lost to a middle-aged woman carrying a child. He used his own allowance to buy a train ticket to Jilin. People therefore passed the following sentence: "Lei Feng traveled for a thousand miles, and a good thing made a train." This is Lei Feng; he "stealed" to send money to his comrades' relatives and sent all the deposits for the people in the disaster area for several years. Some people say that he is a "fool", but Lei Feng said that he is willing to be a "fool" of the revolution. This is Lei Feng. Feng��s selflessness and dedication are really too many., the spirit of Lei Feng is affecting people, and there are many revolutionary "fools" among us. Lei Feng has been away from us for more than 40 years, but his spirit is advancing with the times and always shines.fic police, they stand on the road day and night, weathered the test of the wind and rain, withstand the frost of the frost, whether it is the cold winter, or the hot summer, they always stand there; whether it is relatives or friends, ordinary people, they are always unselfish []Buy Discount Cigarettes, impartial treatment. They have paid too much for this cause, and there have been too many sacrifices. No matter how hard the road ahead, they decided to do so. Isn��t our great traffic police a successor to Lei Feng?cher, they work day and night, I don��t know how many homework I have corrected, I don��t know how many nights I have rested. Under their guidance, we know how to be an aspiring person, a noble person, a moral person, a person who is good for the people! Under their careful guidance, I don't know how many people have embarked on the road to success []Newport Cigarettes Online Free Shipping. Are our great teachers not the descendants of Lei Feng?ardeners, they love their work []Newport Short Cigarettes, pay all, and return is always the happiness of others. They are like a candle, burning themselves and illuminating others. Isn��t our hardworking circle just a descendant of Lei Feng?People's Liberation Army soldiers, who guarded the great rivers and mountains of the motherland, used their lives to build the Great Wall of the Republic. Assault squadron is the vanguard; anti-flood and rescue []Wholesale Cigarette, is the vanguard; self-sacrifice, or the leader. . . They haven't closed their eyes for a few days and nights. They have no complaints; they have more to do with their loved ones, they have no complaints; they are selfless for the people, for the motherland, they have no complaints... they really did "the worries of the world, the world after the world." It��s fun.�� Are these PLA soldiers not the descendants of Lei Feng?t the first donor of the project is Zhou Tong, a student of the Experimental Primary School in Tanggu District, Tianjin. On January 1, 1989, he donated 27 yuan to the China Youth Development Foundation to help out-of-school children. Zheng Wei and Zheng Zongxin, students of the third (2) class in the western suburbs of Shandong Province, have never stopped taking care of Wei. The big family is really affectionate and loves. It plays a moving song. Are these people who are helpful and not as "stupid" as Uncle Lei Feng? Are we not the descendants of Lei Feng?ng has become a model for people to perfect their souls. It is precisely because of traffic police, teachers, PLA soldiers and young people that our society is more stable and prosperous, and the nation is more united and friendly. The pace of progress towards civilization is more stable, and our country is stronger and the future will be stronger. Only more hope and is a traffic policeman, a teacher or a PLA soldier, we are all well-known. They all have the great spirit of Lei Feng, which is "unfavorable, dedicated to people." This shows that Lei Feng is not unattainable, everyone can learn Lei Feng, everyone can also become Lei Feng, Lei Feng spirit is everywhere. Treat comrades like springs; treat work as hot as summer; treat individualism like autumn leaves; treat enemies as cruel and ruthless as winter []Cheap Newport Cigarettes Wholesale. The spirit of Lei Feng is also ubiquitous. The spirit of Lei Feng has been highlighted here, and the spirit of Lei Feng shines ordinary life!

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