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After returning to



Nov 21, 2018, 11:49 PM
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After returning to Can't Post

After returning to Treasure Island, we asked around where the Dragon God is. Finally, in an archer village, an elder said: "The dragon god is there, in..." Suddenly a strange back appeared, the Savior. The Savior said, "Go to hell." Then, hit us with the 12-gauge grenade. We recruited, one fell to the ground. At this time, the dragon god came out, and he used a dragon to save the world. After a while, the Savior died. We are also relieved. Dragon God said: "My name is Weng Yuyu []Newport 100S Cigarettes, I am very glad to meet you." We became good friends. of us are now level 50. Our gold coins have bought white potions and vitality potions. We are ready to fight in the wood village. We flew to Shenmu Village, together with the east side, we were stupid, because the one Beetle, actually talked, turned out to be 95. We had to play below. I remembered the old grandfather's words and told everyone to use their own tricks. Sure enough, the beetle was killed by us. I dropped a bag of gold coins. We will see you. We felt that the blame here was too bad []Cheap Cigarette, and went to the Zakun cave. Li Fuyuan used the eyes of the flame and said: "When you don't grab it, give it to you..." Li Fuyuan hasn't finished talking yet, we have seen Zakun, which is dozens of times higher than us. He has a total of 10 hands, each with magic. Once it was hit, it was a dead end. So, we carefully beat under the steps. When we put our skills together, we become a phoenix. Hit the past 500,000 blood. We will use this trick repeatedly. When we can't do it, we use a potion. Not much blood, I will brush blood for everyone. Finally, 30 minutes passed, we killed all the Zakun hands, and we are already level 51. Weng Yuyu got angry, and he used the warrior's killing: the dragon roared []Wholesale Cigarettes Online. As soon as the dragon roared, Zakun deducted 1% of the blood. We looked very happy. (Because we have less blood, it is too much to play 1%). We played desperately, playing with the phoenix []Wholesale Newport Cigarettes, playing and playing, and playing for an hour, Zakun was not dead, so I gathered everyone's hair together and rented a magic bomb. As soon as it was blown up []Wholesale Newports, Zakun was only 50% left. Zakun is not to be outdone, and has been jealous of us with lightning. We can only be beaten, beaten and beaten by Zakun. in Zakun, the abominable Zakun will be there to supplement blood and replenish blood. Added 5%. We have been playing, and finally, Zakun is dead. Each of us has only one vitality and zero white medicine. Everyone gave me the vitality potion. After I drank it, I helped everyone brush the blood. We have been walking, not seeing strange. It was easy to return to the magical forest. Tell Hans.we have died, we are happy to play in this world

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