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Winter, getting closer and



Nov 13, 2018, 4:54 PM
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Winter, getting closer and Can't Post

Winter, getting closer and closer to us, getting closer... Inadvertently, it has comere is a plum outside my house. What makes me strange is: Why is plum blossom not open in spring or summer? But in the winter of hunger and cold, I stood up on the snowy land. I used to ask the teacher and mother most of them. They just laughed and didn��t answer. Now, I finally understand I was a child, my grandfather told me many times about Lu Xun's story. The one that impressed me the most was that Lu Xun was not afraid. A heroic story of a thousand hardships for the country - Xun used his pen as a weapon to write down the dissatisfaction and anger of the imperialists on paper. When the imperialists learned that there is such a talent in China, they want to put talents in their countries. They did not know that China had already known that they had seen the conspiracy after the article, and Lu Xun changed his name and continued writing. enough, the Chinese imperialists sent people to surround Lu Xun��s land on the second day, but they could not find the person named Lu Xun and returned to the country with great frustration. A few days later, some traitors who betrayed our country told the imperialists that Lu Xun was renamed as Hua Jose, and then went to the people who called Hua Jose, and did not find them. In this way, Lu Xun changed a total of 181 names. China was ruled by foreign countries, the Chinese would be supervised when they went out. Lu Xun wanted to go abroad and escaped after nine or eighty-one. Lu Xun the fragrant plum blossom that grows on the branches? Isn't the white snow on the plum blossoms an imperialist? No matter how white snow depresses plum []Cheap Online Cigarettes, plum blossoms stand proudly and never retreat.reason why plum blossoms open in the winter is because plum blossoms only have the spirit and exquisiteness in the winter, but also praise the no-frills of the people who have experienced many hardships. No matter what kind of bullying, they are always standing on the ground and refuse to bow down! There is a child, everyone said that he is stupid, because if someone gives him 5 hairs and 1 yuan coins at the same time, he always chooses 5 hairs, but wants 1 yuan. If someone does not believe it, he will take out two coins, one for one yuan and one for five hairs. Let the child choose one of them. As a result, the child really picked a coin of 5 hairs. The man felt very strange and asked the child: "Don't you know the value of the coin?"hild whispered: "If I choose 1 yuan, you won't play this game with me next time! is the cleverness of that child.f he chooses 1 yuan, no one will continue to play with him, and he will only get 1 yuan! But he took 5 cents and pretended to be a fool. So the longer a fool is, the more he will get. In the end, he will get several times more than 1 yuan! in real life, we may wish to look at the "stupid child" - do not 1 yuan, but take 5 cents!more people in the society, but there is often a kind of greed that does not take white []Discount Cigarettes Free Shipping, does not eat white, does not eat! I don't know if your greed not only harms the interests of others []Marlboro Lights 100S, but also makes others greedy for you. Maybe others can tolerate your behavior, don't care about your greed, but if you know how to stop, he will have a better impression and evaluation, and therefore willing to continue your relationship with you.t is sighing is that modern society is full of the following phenomena: interpersonal relationship is used up once, and doing business once earns enough! I thought that I was smart in doing this []Newport 100 Carton, but I don��t know if this is breaking my own path! I don't want you to be smart []Cheap Cigarettes Online Free Shipping, and I hope that you will always have the same "stupid" as the child, because it will give you more rewards.

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