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During the holidays, I read a scienc



Oct 31, 2018, 7:54 PM
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During the holidays, I read a scienc Can't Post

During the holidays, I read a science storybook "Listen! listen! The legend of the wind can not be said. I really like this book. book tells the story of the protagonist's bird. Because of his talent and ability to understand the language of the tree family, this magical power made her know the uncle of the park. Every day, she listens to the story of Uncle Banyan, and Uncle Banyan introduces her to many old friends. They are all old and famous trees in Hong Kong, including the wishing tree mother, the grandfather of Kam Tin, the big banyan tree in Litchi. Each of them has an extraordinary experience. This vivid story makes me understand the close relationship between trees and humans []Wholesale Cigarettes, trees and environmental development. It also teaches me to love trees, protect nature, and protect the environment in which we live.s fairy tale book, there is a story about the wishing tree of the village. I am unforgettable. The Lincun Wishing Tree was originally the most admired tree of mankind. Every day, a large number of travelers traveled to Shangxiang to make a wish. They threw the treasures of their names and wishes into the tree. People think that as long as the treasure can be thrown on the branches of the wishing tree, the dream can come true. And the wishing tree, involuntarily []Cheap Cigarettes Free Shipping, suffers thousands of treasures every day. The tree and branches of the wishing tree were damaged and wrapped in white cloth. How pitiful!reading this book, I got a lot of inspiration: Nowadays, most people living in the city are out of contact with trees, thinking that trees are only human tools, so humans cruelly destroy trees. However, in the past, who sacrificed to give us firewood? Who brought in carbon dioxide and gave us fresh air? How philosophical is the phrase "people are doing, trees are watching" in the book! That is to say, "All the people who lived under the tree, regardless of doing anything, can't escape the eyes of the trees." So we must raise awareness of environmental protection, we must start from the small things around us. I am reminded that our school organized students to participate in the tree planting activities of ��planting a tree and leaving a heart��. The teacher also led us to the community to sweep the street practice activities []Cigarettes Online. Trees need human love, and humans need trees to care for us. Protecting greenery is to protect our natural home! A few days ago, the forest was still lush and vibrant. Many birds play and sing in the trees. But now, there are many wooden stakes in the forest. The Lark doll said: "How many piles have appeared in the forest?" "I heard that there is a lumberjack in the forest. You see! He is logging again." Woodpecker Say []Cigarettes Cheaper. distance, there was a lumberjack who cut the tree with relish and screamed in his mouth: "Cut the tree! Make a fortune!" The woodpecker couldn��t stand it, flew to the shoulder of the logger, and the logger was still concentrating on it []Marlboro Lights. The tree does not care about the woodpecker at all. The woodpeckerers so selfish and self-interested, regardless of their own interests, regardless of the serious consequences. Cush is everywhere... The resources of the mother of the earth are slowly leaving us. One hundred years later, maybe the mother of the earth will also It went with it. In order to make Mother Earth better for the benefit of our children and grandchildren. I appeal to people all over the world: "Treasure of natural resources and green life.

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