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Disco Ball Dance, Location Of Greasy Grove Treasure Map



Jul 7, 2018, 1:23 AM
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Disco Ball Dance, Location Of Greasy Grove Treasure Map Can't Post

Racking up two eliminations using the minigun or light machine gun seems straightforward enough, although it of course takes you to happen upon one of the 2 weapons. (This launched with a bug that Epic Games says it has fixed.) You'll likely want to try doing this in a Solo playlist so that you don't need to worry about a downed enemy being revived.

The same advice holds true for the challenge asking you to remove three competitors in Lucky Landing--maybe not needing respawns ought to make this easier. The rest of the objectives simply ask you to deal 500 damage with SMGs to competitions (anything in the SMG family will do) and to search seven chests in Dusty Divot, the meteor impact site added within the significant Season 4 upgrade.

Completing these challenges will reward you with Battle Stars, which rank up your Battle Pass and permit you to earn Season 4 skins and cosmetic rewards. Completing each the challenges in a specific week also completes a Blockbuster challenge, which frees you to a brand new loading screen that directs you to spots where you are able to obtain a free Battle Pass routine. You may see how to complete every Season 4 objective released thus far within our Fortnite challenges guide.

I'm rather curious to observe how scoring functions, how say, starting a chests compares to getting a kill, and what the additional rules will be, even if there are some. We could see that this show up as soon as now, or maybe next week. But stuff that's datamined usually does wind up showing up from the game shortly thereafter, thus we really might be looking at the next LTM.

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