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Jul 12, 2017, 11:28 PM
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The first year of a Jollyhers cute summer dresses for little girls baby’s life is probably the most intense one. So much happens during these first twelve months of human life: that wrinkly, curled-up newborn you welcomed into your arms for the very first time on the day he or she was born, will turn into a smiling, babbling, eating, crawling (or even walking!) toddler in no-time. It’s crazy!

Documenting baby’s first year in a baby book is a wonderful way to take a pause, to step back from the madness of everyday life and review the milestones of your little one and the journey you have thus far made together. A photo of one of the first smiles, that first, messy baby bite, perhaps a snapshot of the first steps… All these very special moments and memories can find a place in a baby book, which will forever be a special reminder of those first months together.

My First Year is a minimal yet beautiful baby book. It has a gorgeous blue-grey linen cover embossed in gold lettering and a tiny baby hand. The pages are made of thick, high-quality paper. The font, which again is very minimal, is gorgeous and very reserved — leaving the story to be told to the entries, which can be both photos as text. Little details make the book extra special, such as a tiny envelope meant to hold a lock of baby’s hair or an occasional vellum page with a lovely quote or poem.

My First Year makes creating a baby book easy and doable, and the beautiful framework will ensure the result will be amazing. It will be a true keepsake for your family! The book comes with a pretty sleeve, which is perfect to protect the book while stored away. It also makes it an extra luxurious, thoughtful gift; both for a pregnant friend or a for newborn baby.

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