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PTFE coated bushing sleeve bearing FR soft strip bushing



May 27, 2017, 12:16 AM
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PTFE coated bushing sleeve bearing FR soft strip bushing Can't Post

Self-lubricating bearing application characteristics and advantages
High precision oilless sliding application characteristics and advantages Self-lubricating bearing Currently used various machinery industry is the most or the ball bearing, needle roller bearings and so on, only a small number of self-lubricating bearings has been adopted, believe in the near future will come from the lubrication of bearings will be adaptable, wear resistance, self-lubricating bearings, such as economic indisputable advantage as bearing industry leading products.Here are some of FR soft strip bushing: no oil lubricated bearing series: 1, the lubrication oil free or less, apply to cannot go or it's hard to go places, but when use less maintenance and maintenance.2, wear-resisting performance is good, small friction coefficient, long service l e.3, have the right amount of elastic-plastic, copper set of stress distribution in a relatively wide contact surface, increase the bearing capacity.4, the static friction coefficient, can eliminate the crawling under low speed, so as to ensure the accuracy of the mechanical work.5, can reduce mechanical vibration, reduce noise, to prevent pollution, improve working conditions.6, transfer film formation during the operation process, have the effect of protection of grinding axis, no bite shaft phenomenon.7, for low grinding shaft hardness requirements, without conditioning oil bearing processing shaft can be used, which reduces the processing d ficulty of related parts.8, thin-walled structure, light quality, can reduce the mechanical volume.On the back nine, steel can be plating a variety of metal, can be used in the corrosive medium.At present has been widely used in various mechanical sliding parts, such as: printing machines, textile machines, tobacco machinery, micro-motor, automobiles, motorcycles and forestry machinery and so on.Boundary lubrication self-lubricating bearing series is introduced: 1. The host is good, wear-resisting performance is good.2. Suitable for high load under the low speed of rotation, swing motion, and often under load on-off frequently and less prone to form hydrodynamic lubrication.3. Under the condition of boundary lubrication can maintain long time without oil, and gas in a layer of the bearing service l e is longer.4. The surface of the plastic layer can keep certain allowance when processing molding, assembly after the seat hole can processing, in order to achieve better mounting dimensions.5. Products are mainly applied to automobile chassis, metallurgical machinery, mining machinery, hydraulic machinery, construction machinery, agricultural machinery, steel rolling equipment.PTFE coated bushing series JDB solid inlaid bearing series is the basis of the gm products, regardless of the high pressure, low pressure, high temperature, low temperature, lubrication oil lubrication, oil free, or water, are able to adapt to.Brass substrate of the products is high force, than the average copper set of double hardness, wear resistance increase more than double.Widely used in: light industry machinery, heavy machinery, construction machinery, metallurgical machinery, transmission machinery, such as: continuous casting machine, rolling mill, injection molding machine, paper machine, mold guide pillar, ships, machine tools and so on.

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