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solid wood flooring personalized products



Mar 14, 2017, 10:23 PM
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 On the one hand, we always adhere to; so that each family can enjoy the solid wood; the concept of good practice to do the traditional advantages of solid wood flooring manufacturing and close to the wood feel fine solid wood flooring On the other hand, we are constantly developing new products, such as we have just listed on the listing of the long Sheng warm; warm treasure Wang geothermal solid wood flooring, all of its raw materials from New Zealand by FSC certified hardwood pine,[url=]wood plastic composite pergola the use of international advanced processing Processing, is a both environmentally friendly and can meet the northern consumer market demand for solid wood flooring personalized products.
[Soufun home network]: We see a profound change in consumer behavior today, many home business is also to achieve self-upgrading and evolution,; home; concept is quietly popular. How do you think about it? As the world is not exactly the same two leaves, like each company has its own development characteristics. Now some floor enterprises began to do wooden doors, stairs, furniture and other products, try to go; big home; road, which is the development of enterprise strength to a certain degree of performance, it may be a process of business transformation, but these attempts are not successful? We will wait and see. To achieve; big home, I think first of all to make their own professional to do strong and powerful, have enough strength and successful experience to open up new areas,
the occupation of more high ground. Jusheng floor of the new industrial park is established, that is, we want to integrate, transform, upgrade, to achieve enterprise scale,[url=]Wood Plastic Garden Decking diversification, brand development. China is the most professional large-scale wooden floor manufacturers, which is currently the most focused Shousheng floor of the cause. [Home page]: home; gives the intuitive understanding is large and complete, consumers can be here to achieve all the needs of home life. It is also for this purpose, we see; cross-border, alliance, subdivision, product chain extension hellip; this concept has become a number of home business development ideas and strategies. At this point we have to focus on a word mdash;
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