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strengthen the floor



Mar 9, 2017, 10:06 PM
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 creating a solid wood flooring ace, but also in the field of solid wood inside to create the first 21, it is not easy. From solid wood flooring to solid wood flooring, and then to strengthen the floor, the three categories are relatively complete, and has a variety of production processes and functions of the floor to more than 1100 types, category, from the process innovation,[url=]low maintenance WPC pergola product innovation, products above Coverage is very wide. Sina home: store building it? Zhang En Jiu: the store is also from the East China region, covering the country, now more than 1,000 large and medium-sized cities in the country have our brand stores, but also our service providers,
so the size of the channel, it has been a great development of. Mainly in large and medium-sized cities, the focus of the county-level cities, have our channel stores. From the brand influence, we not only in the Chinese wood flooring capital Nanxun become a leading brand, it should be said in the national market has a certain influence, the brand above to many industries or the government to encourage and support all aspects, this is also Has been a great development. In addition, enterprises in science and technology innovation is also in a leading position, we have academicians workstations, but also assume the national 863 and "second five" technology support project,[url=]Installation Guide of WPC Railing we now declare more than 150 patents. Diversified business to create a new long-Sheng corporate beauty "wallpaper is a long time in 2011 to build a brand, which is Zhang Enjiu's third venture,
Zhang Kai took over the first project.Zhang Enjiu said that the development direction of long Sheng is in the home area , The customer wallpaper will greatly increase the market share, another wallpaper industry trump card, a long Sheng Group and a new profit growth point for the sustainable development of enterprises an important step. Sina home: ten years to obtain the results are obvious, then ten After the year, we entered the third stage of entrepreneurship, why in such a brilliant achievement when the concept of re-entrepreneurship? Zhang Enjiu: As Jiuxi career third venture, I think we must go to the height of development, there must be a transformation and upgrading The process, business management,
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