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China became the second largest timber



Mar 9, 2017, 10:03 PM
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China became the second largest timber Can't Post

and further improve the quality of plywood and process level, according to international standards of green products, take the "green" road. China has become Vietnam's second largest timber import market According to the Vietnamese Trade Information Center, 2006, Vietnam imported from China 77 million US dollars of various types of wood,[url=]outdoor bamboo decking tiles
an increase of 80% over 2005. China became the second largest timber import market in Vietnam after Malaysia.Nature floor has won FSC certification Recently, the nature of the floor successfully passed by the world's most influential environmental organizations - the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) agencies World Forest Management Committee of the production[url=]garden floor price
and marketing chain system (FSC / COC) certification The The certification means that the nature of the floor from raw material procurement to warehousing and then to the final production to sales and other important links have been recognized by the International Green Organization. The World Forest Management Council,[url=]Decorative Pvc Outdoor Window Panels

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