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What are the causes of printing stripes? How do we solve it?



Feb 15, 2017, 10:48 PM
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What are the causes of printing stripes? How do we solve it? Can't Post

Summary of common faults of printer
Those who used HP canon ink jet printer might encounter some faults. How do we solve them?

What are the causes of printing stripes? How do we solve it?

1. The air entered when installing the cartridge. We can solve it by cleaning the print head one or two times.
2. It may be caused by incorrectly installing the toner. Reinstall the toner and clean the print head one or two times.
3. The print head is old and required to change or mend.

The machine cannot identify the newly installed cf400x and hp 201x ink cartridges. How should we do?

1. The cartridge with chip cannot be identified for hand touching chip or chip sticking dust. We can reinstall cartridge after wiping the chip with dry tissue.
2. The spring contact touching the chip on the print head is broken or damaged
3. There occurs elastic failure of spring plate on print head in the printer without chip.

The printed red picture is lighter than the one on computer, why and how do we solve it?

The picture printed by a printer is not exactly the same as the actual image of the computer, which has a lot to do with computer graphics or its own pixels. If adjustments are needed, you can adjust color according with the needs through file→print→attribute→customize→advanced dialogue box.

When Epson printer is printing or copying, the computer prompts the non-original ink cartridges. Can we continue to use it?

The Epson manufacturers set it up on the printer. When non-original-cartridge is prompted, click yes. It would not have any influence on the printing of toner.

A month ago EPSON C20 printer can be used normally. But it cannot print after being idle for a month.

Without using the printer for a long time, the print head may get dry. You can solve the problem by cleaning the print head. Even if you do not use the printer, for best quality of printing, we recommend that the machine be able to run once a week to fill the machine with ink This is good for the maintenance of machine.

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