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10 Unbelievable Underwater Photos

Submitted by admin on 2010-01-15 | Last Modified on 2010-08-26

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We have featured underwater photographs before, but this week we will be looking at the most eye grabbing photos. Contrast will be the main focus, as both photographers and non-photographers alike know- some photos just catch your eye. While other photographs may be good, they do not have the same effect as a photograph with good contrast. Without a doubt, these photographs prove that underwater holds far more impressive beauty than above the surface, with everything appearing mystical.

This photo is one of the most beautiful photographs I have come across. Two Clown Fish swim between an anemone in the Truk Lagoon. The colours of this underwater photograph are spectacular. Vibrance and clarity cannot be surpassed and the composition itself is great. This photograph by photographer Mike Ellis is definitely a divetime favourite worthy of praise.

Sometimes nature just co-operates perfectly for you, and this is one of those cases. Not to take anything away from the photographer who managed to capture this moment in time underwater. In the photograph above you will notice how all the soft corals compliment each other, while the yellows contrast perfectly with the light blue background where you will notice hundreds of fish. Great lighting, contrast and a great moment in time resulting in a great photograph by Tanya G Burnett.

This underwater photograph, by the renowned Aaron Wong is more something different from what I am used to seeing in underwater photography. Most times you will see photographers focusing on a single subject; Fish, Coral or Silhouette, this photo contains all three! With wide angle lens this photograph is spectacular.

'Wow' is a perfect way to caption this photograph in one word. A brightly coloured Anemonefish stares at the photographer Volker Lonz. The combination of the white, red and black on the fish itself provides some wonderful natural contrast. The clarity and composition of the photograph does justice to this spectacular fish.

I love this photo, the gradient of the background water and the way the fish kindly co-operate by all remaining in frame is great. More aspects of this photo by Paul Hunter are the way the tones of the red in the fish change, deepening as they become more distant in the photo.

I love jellyfish and this photograph by Daniel Selmeczi really is something else. The purples of the jellyfish really work well with the blue background and the yellows really help it to 'pop'. Jellyfish are totally under-rated in my opinion.

While this photo by Dany Weinberg was featured once between in another article it can't be left out of this one. This grouper is another one of nature's great displays with its orange colouring and blue spots adding amazing contrast with the blue of the water. Brilliant photograph and at a perfect moment in time.

A huge fan of negative space in general, I find it even more interesting in underwater macro photography. This photo by Ilan Ben Trov of a Reef Squid shows what an impact negative space in a photograph can have as the colours of the squid really stand out against the black background.

COLOURS! This extremely crisp macro photograph taken by Malcolm Nobbs shows a Peacock Mantis Shrimp in all its beauty. Clearly the reasoning for the creatures name is evident. One cannot deny the way this photo jumps out at you, with one of the most colourful marine creatures in existence being the subject.

While this photo may lack the feeling of most underwater diving shots, it is a great display of general type photography under the water with these marine mammal subjects. This photograph by Mike Ellis has a classy but yet fascinating and natural feel to it.


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