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Scuba Diving : Articles : Underwater Photography : 10 Remarkable Reefscape Photographs

10 Remarkable Reefscape Photographs

Submitted by admin on 2010-06-29 | Last Modified on 2010-08-26

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Far too often are landscapes overlooked and treated as though they are just there to exist. In my eyes there is nothing more beautiful than a landscape, each landscape photograph is unique and each landscape can convey a completely different mood, from the wide open baron landscapes with the occasional line of tar laid right through the middle to the green hills, with puffy cumulus clouds against a polarized blue sky. The same goes for coral reefs, some may not be as colourful as others, they may not hold the simple beauty factor- but they sure can provide a mood.

A school of pseudanthias shot during sunset. Marsa Alam, Egypt. A perfect example of a healthy coral reef teeming in fish life. The dark shadows in the background show just how large the reef really is. Photo by Kim Yusuf

One of the trade marks of the Red Sea are the colourful soft corals which feed on the nutrients carried by the often strong currents. The different shades of pink work well with the orange fish which encircle it. Photo by Mark Webster

Shot at the USS Liberty wreck in Tulamben, Bali- This photo is just incredible, with what could be equated to park of cherry blossom trees. Just look at the swimthrough of corals in the background. Photo by Paul Hunter

This is one of those reefscape photographs where it's all about the mood, there is nothing particularly beautiful about these table corals, but creates very much a mid-western feel for me with the black tip bandits passing over through the coral ghost town. Photo by Tanya G Burnett

Tanya G Burnett shows off why she is such a respected underwater photographer with this classic reefscape photograph. The yellows and pinks work beautifully with the light blue background of the sunlit ocean. This is just pure beauty.

Taken at Bunaken Marine Park, it is easily to see why Indonesia is known to have some of the best coral reefs in the world. Features like this one can be found all along these lovely reefs. Photo by Volker Lonz

A diver approaches a wall of pink and purple corals which extend endlessly into the distance. Photo by Ilan Ben Tov

Elphinstone Reef displaying why the Red Sea is one of the worlds' most popular scuba diving destination. Magnificent coral colouring as well as being rich in fish life. Photo by Tobias Friedrich

Another photograph by Tanya G Burnett displaying a reefscape with complete marine chaos! Hundreds of anthias swarming around beautiful coloured corals.

As the photographer Mark Webster states, "The Komodo National Park in Indonesia is perhaps best known as the home of the famous Komodo dragon, but is also has some of the richest coral reefs on the planet." While this reef is by no means as vibrant as the others in terms of colours, just look at the size and expanse of those table corals


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