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10 Amazing Underwater Photographs

Submitted by admin on 2009-07-31 | Last Modified on 2010-08-26

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10 Amazing Underwater Photographs

Underwater photography is somewhat like general photography in the sense that almost anyone can get underwater and take some photographs with a cheap camera, but when you want good results you're going to need dedication. Underwater photography requires some equipment that may be on the more costly side; There is underwater housing for the cameras, strobes and harnesses. While in many cases the underwater housing may be a large chunk out of ones wallet, for serious underwater photographers it is something you don't want to skimp on and end up risking a high range DSLR camera. While it may be easy to just point and shoot with a DSLR and get a fairly good quality image in normal photography, underwater it's a lot different and there is a constant need to balance the amount of artificial light and the natural light as the ocean only lets a certain amount of sunlight through.

The art comes in when one is able to get suitable artificial lighting on the subject while still being able to have good shadows and a background which is subject to the beauty natural light provides. Let's not forget the patience needed for many macro photographers as they often wait for ages just for one small fish to overcome its shyness and show itself, and even then you need to be quick enough to capture it on camera. Some of the most amazing underwater photography is macro photography as the small colourful, and almost unearthly creatures offer some stunning and unusual visuals which cannot be found above water. Underwater photographers from all around the world will tell you how difficult, frustrating but also enjoyable and rewarding underwater photography is.

This article will display some of the most amazing underwater photographs taken by some of the best underwater photographers in the world.

Dual Cuttles by Aaron Wong

This photo was taken by professional photographer Aaron Wong and is a perfect example of a photographer finding just the right balance between artificial and natural lighting as the cuttle fish appear perfectly visible as the sun breaks the water's surface in the background, this is definitely a personal favourite for me.

Turtle Skull by Dany Weinberg

Definitely my favourite underwater photograph, this absolutely brilliant shot by Dany Weinberg may not have the colours and liveliness that other underwater photographs have but it has some of the most amazing shadows and tones as well as an unusual dark feel as the ocean floor is turned into a grave. The only visible light being that of the silhouetted scuba diver in the background.

Dusky Shark by Malcolm Nobbs

A powerful image by Malcolm Nobbs showing an (un)lucky shark which was victim to a fisherman's hook in the Bahamas, lucky to have escaped death this shark now has to live with a large hook and a line several meters long attached to the it. It makes me just want to pull it out, though sadly the shark doesn't have that option, personally this image displays a feeling of helplessness for me as the shark has no option but to continue with the object lodged in it's mouth.

Pike by Helen Parris

Maybe it's just me, but I'm a sucker for good colours and the way they work together. Black and green is undoubtedly two colours that go extremely well together and it seems as though it's no different underwater. This beautiful underwater photo by Helen Parris creates the feeling of this pike lurking in the dark depths.

Oral Care by Dany Weinberg

Once again underwater photographer Dany Weinberg shows his brilliant talent with this absolutely stunning photograph of a grouper getting cleaned. There are too many wonderful aspects of this photo to mention them all, but all one has to do is look at it and understand why it's such an amazing underwater photograph.

Compass Jelly Fish by Mark Webster

A beautiful underwater photograph by Mark Webster of a compass jellyfish. An image showing that you don't always have to dive deep to get some amazing underwater photographs. This shot was taken in the shallows in the United Kingdom and displays a underwater photographer's dedication, as these jellyfish can provide quite a sting.

Manta by Steve Jones

A beautiful shot by Steve Jones of a large manta ray in the Maldives. There is really only one word needed to describe this photo "Majestic".

Soft Corals and Fish by Tanya G Burnett

Well known underwater photographer Tanya G Burnett managed to capture this wonderful photograph of a very healthy coral reef. The light background works well with the colours of the reef to really bring out the areas of pink and let's not ignore the thousands of small fish in the background. An absolute beauty.

Green Turtle and Remora by Mark Webster

Another great shot by Mark Webster of two remoras under a beautiful green turtle. Love the composition and the colouring in this photo. The entire photo consists of only a few tones but allows for an amazing underwater photograph.

Grouper Getting Clean by Dany Weinberg

We end with another one of Dany Weinberg's images


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