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Top 10 Shark Diving Locations

Submitted by admin on 2009-08-04 | Last Modified on 2010-06-15

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Bad press isn't just for the celebrities or the infamous - certain creatures of this world have been pilloried and held in contempt and fear. Sharks.....yes sharks! These majestic animals of the deep have gained a disproportionate status and are feared by many. Some think it was bad enough when we had Moby Dick, but by the time Hollywood got their hands on the idea and produced "JAWS", it became a time of terror for many. "JAWS" changed people’s perception and sharks were reviled as blood thirsty monsters of the sea.

Humans have always had a love/hate relationship with the deep blue depths and that was tempered with a hearty dose of fear/curiosity - but curiosity thankfully won out for some folks. But that being said, it is hardly likely we will ever establish a level of comfort with these creatures. Being completely comfortable with sharks is about as likely as “JAWS” winning the Miss America Pageant. However, for those daring souls who are looking for adventure, it is possible to view these marine beings up close. You can choose to hop into a cage and slam the door between you and the fishes with the large teeth, or you can dive and gaze upward as the silhouette of a hammerhead shark glides by. More and more locations are offering this chance and depending on where you choose to go diving you can experience either of the aforementioned scenarios. Let's take a look at what's on offer in each locale:

In the brisk waters off of South Africa or South Australia you can examine the Great Whites up close - the kind of adrenaline inducing experience some may crave and some may want to avoid. More and more people are making the trip and doing just that. 45 minutes by boat from Gansbaai in South Africa you reach Shark Alley. Here, there are some barrier islands where the sharks like to cruise in search of food. On the islands are plenty of seal. Sounds like the equivalent of a drive through! But you can hop into a cage and watch the feeding frenzy in person. Adelaide in South Australia is a favoured spot for divers and at one time you could be guaranteed to see a Great White, but in the last decade or so the sightings have declined.

Shark diving tends to be less dangerous than one may imagine and shark attacks on divers are extremely rare. Shark diving with the use of a cage is a common method of shark diving but also a controversial one as there is argument over the risks it poses to both the sharks and mankind, as sharks are lured with chum which also brings them closer to the shores where people swim

Top 10 destinations for shark diving trips are as follows:

  1. South Africa - Great Whites can be seen in Hermanus, Gansbaai, Cape Town and False Bay.
  2. Bahamas - Nassau can offer anything from small reef sharks to the master of them all, the Great White.
  3. USA, Rhode Island - Blue sharks can be seen at Port Judith. 20ft unprotected swim between cage and boat.
  4. USA, Florida - more precisely Tenneco Towers where you will encounter big Bull Sharks.
  5. Brazil - North East coast will offer you a show of colourful tropical fish and their predator - the Lemon Shark.
  6. Galapagos Islands - The waters around these islands are home to Silky, Galapagos, White-Tip and Scalloped Hammerhead sharks. Whale sharks are sometimes encountered.
  7. Thailand - Phuket is a lush and plentiful feeding ground for the Whale shark, a gentle giant.
  8. USA, Southern California - Catalina Island and San Diego offer cage dives to see Blue sharks and occasionally Makos.
  9. South Australia - Adelaide and if you are lucky, Great Whites.
  10. Red Sea - Ras Mohammed region is a melting pot with Black Fin Reef shark, Black Tip Reef shark, White Tip Reef shark, Silver Tip shark, Oceanic White Tip shark, Grey Reef shark, Whale shark, Tiger shark, Variegated shark, Silky shark, Sandbar shark, Tawny shark, Pelagic Thresher shark, Scalloped Hammerhead shark, Great Hammerhead shark.


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