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Deepest Scuba Dives Ever Recorded

Submitted by admin on 2009-08-21

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World's Deepest Scuba Dive Record

The deepest ever scuba diving record was set by 52 year old South African engineer, "Nuno Gomes" in 2005. He exceeded the previous scuba diving record by a little over 5 meters, beating the record which Mark Ellyatt set in 2003. Gome's managed to reach an unbelievable depth of 318.25m, only 1.75 meters short of his 320m target.

This was not Gome's first attempt and a year earlier he had attempted to set the record when he succumbed to equipment failure and was unable to proceed. Though the next time things went his way and Gome's set his record in no other ocean but the magnificent Red Sea. The process of extremely deep scuba diving consists of a quick descent and a slow, long process of returning to the surface. For Gome's record dive it took him just 20 minutes to descend to his desired depth, but a painstaking 12 hours to return to the surface- due to this slow and careful ascent a decompression chamber was not needed after the dive.

The dive was officially measured and was declared the Guiness World Record for 'Mankind's Deepest Dive". An interesting fact is that there have been more people on the moon than scuba divers below 250m.

Video of the Worlds Deepest Dive

Deepest Cave Dive Record

Another record held by South African, Nuno Gomes. This record attempt took place in South Africa, at the legendary South African dive site "Boesmansgat". This record was set almost 10 years prior to his success with the Guiness World Record for "Mankind's Deepest Dive". Gomes recalls the silty floor and the few moments when things looked like they could get dangerous, as he reached the bottom of the cave.

A quote from his biography is as follows:

"There was only one way, I had to swim whilst taking up the slack on the rope. Since I was negatively buoyant and had no time to inflate the wings (buoyancy aids) I landed on all fours. My worst nightmare came true: a silt-out at the bottom of a very deep cave with a slack guideline while on all fours and under the influence of nitrogen narcosis and helium tremors. My first priority was to stand up without losing balance or becoming tangled in or losing the line; the quads and two side - mounts did not help. I tried to swim up but failed and became dizzy."

For more information on Nuno Gomes be sure to check out -

Video of the Worlds Deepest Cave Dive

The Deepest Wreck Dive

The world's deepest wreck dive was done by Leigh Cunningham and Mark Andrews in 2005, they managed to reach an amazing 205 meters, breaking the previous world record. This dive took over 3 hours to complete though there was only 6 minutes spent on the wreck itself. Once again this record was set in the Red Sea at Yolanda Reef in Ras Mohamed National Park.

Mark Andrews has a long and detailed article about both the preparation and the dive itself at And as is the case with most extreme scuba diving record attempts it seems, it was not without incident.

"During the initial ascent we prepared our intermediate Trimix (16/43) for the gas switch but my regulator was not responding, I tried to purge but had no response, I maintained a steady 10m per minute ascent rate as I mulled over the thought of having to miss all my deep stops and ascend to the point at which I could switch to my lean Trimix decompression gas, this was not a good option and would have almost certainly resulted in a long stint in the chamber. We had plenty of spare gas on the dive boat but this was of no help as I ascended toward the gas switch." Part of the article goes.

Video of the World's Deepest Wreck Dive


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