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The Disabled Veterans SCUBA Project

Submitted by admin on 2010-06-01 | Last Modified on 2010-06-15

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The Disabled Veterans SCUBA Project was founded by Lieutenant Colonel Melvin Pasley in 2009 and it has quickly taken off in popularity. The lieutenant retired in March of 2008 after having spent a total of 36 years serving in the Army Reserves, the maximum number allowed for an officer. Even so, the organization’s founding would have not been possible had it not been for the work laid by Nicolas Coster and his Challenges Foundation which began offering scuba diving lessons for disabled veterans. Most of these lessons were offered at Veterans hospitals located in the city of Los Angeles.

When these lessons began, they were most often led by Nicolas Coster himself while veterans of the Iraq and Afghanistan wars also played pivotal roles. However, in February of 2009 this program was eventually stopped in order to focus efforts on other activities such as sailing and snorkeling. However, they also made it a point to raise funds for other aquatic programs which eventually led to the creation of the Disabled Veterans SCUBA Project.

Melvin Pasley had already been taking part in the previously mentioned classes so after they were cancelled he was aggressively encouraged by Coster to start his own organization which he eventually did. The first official Disabled Veterans SCUBA Project meeting was held on February 25th of 2009 and this was the date when it was also officially founded. The entire focus of the organization was, and still is, to provide SCUBA diving instruction to adaptive divers, especially veterans.

It was incorporated in May of the same year in the state of California as a non-profit organization. Their services are offered first and foremost to veterans that have served their country and have been wounded in combat, including those suffering from post traumatic stress disorder, traumatic brain injury, and those who are blind or paralyzed. Why would injured veterans wish to take part in these activities? Divers with spinal injuries have reported in the past that they are able to feel paralyzed parts of their bodies when in the water; others say that they experience less pain. Most of all, it gives these individuals a chance to be out of the wheelchair and participate in an enjoyable activity with others.

The Disabled Veterans SCUBA Project provides these individuals with a unique opportunity to have this experience with others who can show them the special treatment they require. In order to receive more information about the Disabled Veterans SCUBA Project, you can visit their official web site at

Here you can also read up on the latest news events associated with the foundation as well as look over a calendar of the events currently scheduled. There is also a Frequently Asked Questions area where you can look up any concerns that you may have about the program and whether or not it would be a good experience for you or someone you know.


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