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Learn to Scuba Dive

Submitted by admin on 2010-04-23

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If you have expressed interest to your friends that you would like to learn to scuba dive, you have probably heard all the reasons why you should supposedly avoid doing so by now. There are a lot of different myths out there and the chances are good that they have kept you from pursuing the sport for some time now. The good news is that most of these scuba diving myths are just that, myths, so you should not let them stop you from getting involved in this fun and stimulating activity. This article will provide you with some essential information for getting started. There are basically three different steps that you will have to go through if you would like to learn to scuba dive.

First of all you will have to participate in some academic study that will help you to learn on paper the physics and physiology of diving- but don't worry about these big words it's really not that difficult. Next, it is time for some confined water training that will allow you to practice these techniques in a safe and controlled environment. Finally, you will be ready for some open water diving practice so you can master these different methods to the best of your ability. However, in order to learn to scuba dive you must first find a quality dive shop located as close to you as possible. In addition, there are also some home study courses available that you may want to consider. After you have found a good school that can provide you with lessons, you will have to invest in the proper equipment which at the very least will include a special mask, fins, and a snorkel.

There are many other pieces of diving gear that you will need to pick up eventually, should you want to be diving often- such as a regulator, buoyancy compensator, wetsuit, and more but you will not have to purchase them right away. When you learn to scuba dive there are several different exercises that will help you to get acquainted with the equipment you will be using as well as the techniques necessary to take part in the activity successfully. They will fully demonstrate these for you and provide you with some essential tips that you can use when in the water yourself. When it comes time to get in the water, you will typically be put off into groups for added safety.

Lessons typically begin with exercises that will get you used to breathing under the water. Once these preliminary lessons are out of the way you will be able to learn to scuba dive in real underwater locations. These will usually take place in shallow sites where the water is nice and clear so you will be able to get used to things in a safe and easy environment.

Afterwards your instructor will be able to provide you with some specific advice based on your performance.


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