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Ever had one of those dives that were so perfect you could write a book about it? Well here is your chance, the scuba diving stories articles area is for those wanting to share their trip experiences, whether it be in a narrative sense or not. Scuba diving stories are just as good to read as they are to write and you are free to share the experience with others divers who may currently be stuck behind a computer monitor.

So whether you want to express the romantic story about how during your honeymoon, you and your partner took their first dive course and entered into a new shared passion which continued for decades after or whether you just want to share your story about that close encounter with the great white shark on your previous trip, now is your chance.

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My Scuba Story by Mandi Mac - 2009-02-13 by admin

My Scuba Story by Mandi Mac My introduction to scuba diving was via a three month fling with a dive master. Our first romantic weekend away to the coast was actually to be experienced in a caravan enclosed in a non water-proof reed hut. It rained all weekend.
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