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How Old Is Too Old To Scuba Dive

Submitted by admin on 2009-07-20 | Last Modified on 2010-04-07

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Now a day, if were to sneak a peek at a scuba dive course, you would probably see several young male “die-hard” buddies joking around, a mom and dad with a teenager or two in tow, and an older couple of “mature years” waiting their turn to enter the pool.

As more and more, parents reach maturity, unlike their fathers or mothers before them, they are not sitting home on the couch during retirement. This generation is not only the largest, in the world’s history but it has also been one the most active. Needless to say they are not “going quietly into the good night”.

If you have always wanted to go scuba diving but have never found the time, learn why it is never too late to start scuba diving, no matter what your age!

Scuba for Mature Adults

Until recently scuba was looked upon as a “young man’s” sport. This is part due to the fact that recreational scuba diving was developed as an offshoot of naval and commercial diving operations. The “macho man” diver stereotype has been become a legend in some diving circles.

While scuba diving does require a certain level of health and fitness, your age doesn’t prevent people from becoming excellent divers. I’ll say it again, YOU ARE NEVER TOO OLD TO LEARN TO SCUBA DIVE!

Now that has been said, there are several things you should take into consideration before you take that first dive class.

Mature Scuba Diving Tip #1 – Park your ego at the door. More than likely you will be taking dive classes from someone who is younger than you. And due to the risks involved, some instructors appear very rigid and unforgiving. As an older dive student, you will have to come to grips with this. No matter what your position is in the “real world” in the pool or on a dive boat, the instructor is the boss. Learn to be flexible.

Mature Scuba Diving Tip # 2 – Expect a learning curve. Scuba diving is a potentially life threatening activity, and consequence diving courses are taken very seriously by most reputable dive schools and instructors. Scuba diving courses, while easier than they were in the past, you may still experience some minor difficulties while learning. This is normal. People who are settled into careers often forget just how hard learning new things can be sometimes. So be gentle with yourself.

Mature Scuba Diving Tip # 3 - Be open-minded. While mature adults like to think they have “seen it all” and “survived damn near everything”, being submerged underwater, breathing through scuba gear and being depend on a dive buddy, can take some getting used to. Some older dive students can become resistant to being told what to do and when to do it. It’s understandable. It’s hard giving over control to someone who may be half your age, but a reputable dive instructor’s sincerely wants you to experience all the joy of diving while remaining safe.

With the above tips firmly in mind, you can now start looking for a dive school in your local area and become the youngest, “old” guy in the neighbourhood’s scuba club!


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Diving on Dec 1,1975 and reciently had him replace my lost NASDS card with a new SSI card. Did my Open Water checkout in a Ohio quarry. Now after being in Northern California for 3 decades, I'm going to get a refresher course so that I can dive the channel islands with my just-20 son Ted who is about to become a diver. - Yea Mike Nelson!

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