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Benefits of Staying Calm Through Breath Control

Submitted by admin on 2009-01-15

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Your ability to focus on breathing calmly as a diver is the key to ensuring you react to stress in a responsible way. Injuries during dives occur moreover as a result of are more panic than the actual events' cause.

Prevention is much better than cure when you are aware of what to concentrate on. Adopting certain techniques will allow for preventing unnecessary exertion and assist in remaining calm during the dive.

Maintaining peak performance buoyancy at all times is often a preventative mechanism. Lack of attending to this technique is one of the reasons many divers end up in a panic, resulting in disorientation and runaway ascents.

It's important to keep equilibrium within the fundamentals of the diving process, thereby limiting and ruling out unnecessary factors such as hypoxia, the bends, altitude sickness etc.

Breathing continually full and deeply and exhaling in the same manner will overcome the air pressure expansion and compression within body cavities.

Never hold your breath and remember that you need to keep exhaling when that regulator is out of your mouth. Holding breath affects the equilibrium of the pressure exerted at that specific depth. The aforementioned should be conducted bearing in mind that your lungs are as much of a buoyancy control tool as your BC.


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