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Project Macaronesia

Submitted by Nigel on 2010-05-27 | Last Modified by Nigel on 2010-06-01

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by nigel colingwood

Project Macaronesia – Ecological Diving Adventures from the Azores to Cabo Verde

An exclusive live-aboard program with limited membership, Project Macaronesia will set sail later this year to explore pristine dive sites throughout the Macaronesian Archipelago, of the eastern Atlantic.

Project Macaronesia is set to offer its members a live-aboard diving experience combining exclusivity, adventure and outstanding value for money, plus the interest in the ecological aspect of the marine biodiversity - get to understand ecosystems and the interactions.

Based on a well-appointed motor sailing craft, the project will focus on ecologically-oriented diving well away from the masses, plying the waters of the “islands of the fortunate” – the Azores, the Salvage Islands, Madeira, the Canaries and Cabo Verde. The project has been structured to ensure that no more than eight participants will be on board at any given time, while guaranteeing its members at least 30 days on board per year over the five-year membership period.

Membership is limited to 60 participants to ensure maximum flexibility and a relaxed, exclusive atmosphere. It also emphasises maximum access not minimum access to the diving opportunities in the 5 differing zones.

In addition to seeking out ecological diving adventures in new, unknown locations of the Macaronesian Archipelago, Project Macaronesia will also focus on underwater photography. The goal here is to build a collection of images with which to provide educational opportunities and hands-on activities to raise the environmental awareness of children in the region – initially on Boa Vista, Cabo Verde, the island of nesting turtles.

The organizer, Nigel Collingwood, will be acquiring a suitable motor sailing vessel – 14 m (46 ft.) or larger with 8 berths – in Florida in late 2010. Diving operations for the project’s founding members are set to commence in January 2011, initially in the Caribbean (South Bahamas, Turks & Caicos Islands) for six months.

After crossing the Atlantic in summer 2011, the craft will be at home in the waters of the Macaronesian Archipelago – the Azores, Salvage Islands, Madeira, the Canaries and Cabo Verde. The project will be tentatively based in Lanzarote or Madeira, islands that are well-suited not only for their good air connections to Europe, but also the organizer’s extensive knowledge of their terrain and diving opportunities.

    The organizer is currently seeking members from the UK, Germany and Spain. Twenty founding members are needed to launch the project. We are currently 6 but seek 20 more.
  • Full members are guaranteed at least 30 days a year of flexibly scheduled access for five years. The price of a full membership for the first five years is €3,500.
  • Reduced memberships are also available, guaranteeing at least 15 days of access per year for five years for €2,000.
  • Guests accompanied by a member are welcome on board for only €300 (divers) or €200 (non-divers) a week – including food. Guests can also contact the organizer for discretionary temporary memberships of 2 weeks per annum.

Bunks on board come at no cost - the craft is for the provision of the diving and the dynamics thereof...the only extra is for the food kitty which comes at €105.00 per person per week.

Equipment of 14lt/10lt tanks with integrated jackets and regs/air/weights and full fins are included - members bring their own other personal kit for diving comfort.

Based on three dives a day, the cost per dive thus amounts to a mere €10 for members – truly unbeatable value for money. After the first five-year period has elapsed, memberships may be renewed for a further five years for only €1,500, alternatively €500 per year.

For more information, please visit or contact the organizer, Nigel Collingwood, at


Nigel Collingwood was born in Brazil, grew up in England, spent many years in Germany, and currently lives on Fuerteventura. He has decades of experience as a NAUI/SAA/Catalan diving instructor and has logged over 7,000 dives.

Nigel is a dedicated underwater photographer who can look back on several exhibitions of his work in various countries. He is also a passionate environmentalist, devoted to protecting the oceans and their inhabitants. With this project, he would like to make a lasting contribution towards promoting awareness among the younger generation for this vital concern.

Final Point: There is a philosphy to this project - it is not a business but a private club for those who seek something different and therein has perpetuity and friendship. This is an increasingly contaminated world and some of us still fight to reduce this contamination and educate others especially kids who will one day take over what we leave them...if you want to do something good for yourself and help others along the way, the project will welcome you and your input.


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