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Millions of Dead Fish at Redondo Beach

Submitted by admin on 2011-03-09

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Visitors to King Harbour Marina at Redondo Beach, California were greeted with the smell of millions of dead sardines on Tuesday, this after the large shoal entered the marina overnight and became trapped.

The majority of the dead fish lay in Basin 1 of the King Harbour Marina, the fish there had managed to swim into a cordoned off area where they became disorientated and were unable to escape back from which the way they came. This is what is believed to have caused the deaths of the millions of sardines. Tests were performed on the water to investigate possible causes of death, it was then discovered that the fish had consumed all the oxygen in the water in that area and as a result ended up with no air to breath.

The exact reasoning as to why there was such a large shoal and why they ended up in the marina is unknown, though it is suspected that strong winds in excess of 40mph and rough seas, and strong currents the night before prompted the fish to swim into the marina. Some residents even said they had noticed an increase in the amount of fish in the marina the night prior.

Originally there were fears that red tide could be behind the deaths of the fish, after 2005 saw a red tide event which ended up killing thousands of fish.

Tests were also performed to make sure that there were no pollutants or chemicals involved which may have caused the deaths of the sardines. According to those involved with the testing, the results came back negative and that the water was clean.

The dead fish at Redondo Beach ended up becoming quite an attraction for locals who came to look at the silver plating covering much of the waters surface.

Cleanup was already under way late on Tuesday morning, but the process was going be anything but a quick one. The process of cleaning the dead fish up is estimated to cost in excess of $100 000, though is essential in eradicating the possibility of hazardous waste which could be created with the rotting fish. The local birds were already in a frenzy in the early hours, doing their own part to help clean up.


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