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Aqua Life Images iPad App

Submitted by admin on 2010-09-20

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Aqua Life Images is the result of 5 years of underwater photography and information collection by award winning Dutch photographer Dray Van Beek. This IPAD application has over 700 images, many with information about the species. This is one of the most comprehensive underwater references available. The application features some of the most beautiful underwater images you will find and over 40 have been enabled so you may use as wallpaper for your iPad.

This application will be useful to marine biologists, divers, or just those who wonder what goes on beneath the waves.

Download iPAD Application

Sections included cover, Anemonefish and clownfish, Angelfish, Anthias, Barracuda, Batfish, Blennies and triplefins, Butterflyfish, Cardinalfish, Crabs, Crocodilefish and flatheads, Damselfish, Dolphins, Dottyback, Dugong and Manatee, Emperors, Filefish, Flounders, Frogfish, Fusiliers and Goatfish, Ghostpipefish, Gobies, Groupers, Grunts, Hawkfish, Jellyfish, Lionfish, Lobsters and Shrimps, Miscellaneous, Moray Eels, Nudibranchs, Parrotfish, Pipefish, Pufferfish and Porcupinefish, Rabbitfish, Rays, Reeffish general, Scorpionfish, Sea Cucumber, Sea Dragons, Sea Horses, Seastars, Sepia and octopus, Sharks, Snappers, Stonefish, Surgeonfish and Unicornfish, Sweetlips, Trevally and Tuna, Triggerfish, Turtles and Wrasses.


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