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Where to Dive with Dolphins

Submitted by admin on 2011-05-09 | Last Modified on 2012-05-22

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Dolphins are the second most intelligent species on Earth.. There's often a bond found between dolphins and divers, they are often playful, energetic and friendly. You get the thrill of diving with a large sea creature without the fear some people feel while diving with sharks, this has lead to dolphins being a sort after mammal to dive with.

There are several dive sites around the world where one can now interact with Dolphins and where diving with dolphins has been made tourist friendly.

Scuba Diving Article - Tanya G Burnette and Dolphin
Tanya G Burnette and Dolphin

The Bahamas are one of the finest dive sites in the world for diving with dolphins. The waters, with their turquoise clarity and warm temperature provide a welcoming home for a vast dolphin population.

With stunning beaches and exceptionally clear water which can reach almost 30C, the Sea of Cortez also provides a superior location for diving with dolphins. Some years, at times the waters visibility can become what seems endless.

It is not surprising to discover that, along with spectacular coral gardens, The Great Barrier Reef is also well known for its large variety of dolphin species, including the Indopacific Humpback, the Spinner and also the Bottlenose dolphins. They are easily spotted while moving up north to escape the cold winter southern oceans. This makes the months of June to October, a perfect time for diving with dolphins in this area.

Island Brac in Croatia can be reached with a ferry from Split and is a very popular tourist destination for those wishing to experience the pleasures of diving with dolphins. Once again, here the consistently warm climate and sparkling sea provides the perfect sites for dolphin interaction.

Scuba Diving Article - Dolphin in The Bahamas
Dolphin in The Bahamas

When visiting Israel, Dolphin Reef, Eilat, which is situated on the shores of the Red Sea, offers exciting opportunities for observing and diving with dolphins. Here the dolphins live together and are never separated from one another. They can choose whether they want to stay in the site or move out into the open sea. Visitors can enjoy the dolphins from floating piers and special observation points or else take part in one of several guided swims or dives. The Dolphin Reef Dive Centre is well equipped to cater for those with disabilities, offering accessible change rooms, easy access to the water and also equipment which has been adapted to meet the special needs of the disabled, who generally would not be in a position to enjoy this unique opportunity of diving with dolphins.

Turkey offers historical and mystic dive sites with a variety of locations for diving with dolphins. The most popular being at the superior resort of Fethiye, which forms part of the 'Turkish Riviera' and is located on the Aegean Sea, This resort is run by one of the country’s most experienced divers. Here they offer various diving excursions which cater for both the beginner as well as the adept divers.

In Wales, the sea close to the coastal resort of New Quay, boasts the largest concentration of Bottlenose Dolphins in both Welsh and British waters. Here one can experience scuba diving trips for diving with dolphins as well as hydrophones which makes it possible for scuba divers to listen to the unique sounds of the dolphins underwater.

One of the well known diving centres in the Greek Island of Skiathos provides trips to other diving sites near to some of the most breathtakingly beautiful beaches. Here they cater for everyone interested in diving with dolphins, whether you're a beginner, or most experienced diver.

As there are suitable sites all over the world, experiencing the exhilaration of diving with dolphins, is an experience which is now easily available to everyone.

Let us know where you have dived with dolphins...


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