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It is believed that the history of scuba diving began around 100AD when divers used hollow reeds to help them breathe underwater. History also reports that the Ancient Greeks used diving as a tactic during the Trojan War, when "scuba" divers sabotaged their enemies' ships. By the 1300s the Persians had advanced the history of scuba diving equipment to rudimentary eye goggles made from thinly sliced tortoise shells.

In 1873, Benoit Rouquayrol and Auguste Denayrouze built the first rigid scuba diving suit, which was a step up from diving bells made from specially treated wooden barrels. The nice thing about history is that it's in the past, because the rigid diving suit weighed around 85kg (200 pounds), which made any form of scuba diving hard work. So when Emile Gagnan and Jacques Cousteau came up with the aqualung and a lightweight autonomous diving suit, scuba divers thought that they'd died in their previous diving suits and gone to heaven.


The Famous Cousteau Aqualung - 2008-12-15 by admin

The Famous Cousteau Aqualung In 1942 Jacques-Yves Cousteau and Emile Gagnan redesigned a care regulator to provide air on demand and four years later The Aqualung was launched onto the market in France having been kept secret until the South of France was liberated
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The History of The Rebreather - 2008-12-08 by admin

The History of The Rebreather In the early 1900’s various versions of literature emerged on the physiological studies of pressure changes and the prevention of compressed air illness. By 1924 the US Navy launched experiments using helium-oxygen during dives.
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The Evolution of Scuba Diving - 2008-12-01 by divetime

The Evolution of Scuba Diving The official roots of diving as we know it today can be traced back to 1941, when American Christian J. Lambertsen designed the first rebreathing equipment to be called SCUBA 'Self-Contained Underwater Oxygen Breathing Apparatus', for the US army.
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SCUBA Wars - 2008-11-24 by divetime

SCUBA Wars Inventor Father Da Vinci’s comments on withholding certain brilliant information that may facilitate man’s ability to explore the oceans, turned out to be the start of a rather bleak prophecy.
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Diving In The Middle Ages - 2008-11-16 by divetime

Diving In The Middle Ages In the 1500’s Leonardo Da Vinci toyed with many ideas that were way ahead of their time but he refused to go too deeply into them, proposing that humans would use them to the disadvantage of the planet - and one another.
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Diving Before the Renaissance - 2008-05-22 by divetime

Diving Before the Renaissance Tracing the origins of diving before man's habit of recording historic documentation for future reference is harder than popping into the nearest cave for a pictogram.
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