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Technique Builder with One-Legged Drills

Submitted by admin on 2009-08-11

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For this workout, you will need to place a chair on each side of your bike. When pedaling with one leg, unclip with the other and rest it on the chair. Try to keep the rear wheel speed constant throughout the pedal stroke. You will feel like an idiot the first couple of times you try these drills (pedaling backwards, not being able to clip back in your pedals, etc.). Just be patient and keep at it.

The first section of the workout teaches efficient pedaling at a high cadence. The second section teaches you to use all of the muscles in your legs to pedal in circles, one leg at a time. The third section teaches you efficient out-of-the-saddle pedaling. Throughout the workout, you learn to clip and unclip from your pedals quickly.

Gear is listed as Chainring x Cog, or “front gear” x “back gear.” “1” is your easiest cog and “?” is your hardest (cogsets differ in total number of cogs).

Training Tip: Cut the top off an old water bottle and put the bottom in one of your cages. Use it to keep your remote control handy.

by Cameron L. Martz, ACSM H/FI.


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