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Scuba Diving : Articles : Scuba Diving Fitness : Fit to Dive? - Fitness Keys for Maximum Fun for the Mature Diver

Fit to Dive? - Fitness Keys for Maximum Fun for the Mature Diver

Submitted by admin on 2010-10-15 | Last Modified on 2010-10-21

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Let’s face it; it’s a matter of common sense to be physically fit when diving. Being fit allows you to have better and safer diving experiences and let’s you truly relax and enjoy each and every dive. But thousands of older divers neglect to properly exercise and so may put themselves and their dive buddies at risk. Not sure what you need to do to stay in shape for sport diving? Read this and our other fitness related articles for more tips on fitness and the mature scuba diver.

How fit do you have to be to dive?

Okay, you don’t have to be a bodybuilder or marathon runner to do a little weekend diving, but every major dive organization recommends that diver, especially older ones, maintain a good level of physical fitness. After all those tanks and dive belts aren’t getting any lighter. A the mature diver should also work on reducing or eliminating other personal bad habits like smoking, or heavy drinking that can adversely effect their diving. Fitness Keys and an Exercise Regiment for the older scuba diver

On many occasions divers find themselves pre-occupied by work or family for a number of years, leaving scuba diving in their past- though in many of these cases the interest in diving will reignite and the diver will find themselves wanting to take a refresher course to get back into the game. What often happens during situations like these is that through years of little or no exercise the diver finds themselves struggling to keep up with the pace, this is another example of when some fitness training may help a mature diver.

Mature Scuba Fitness Key #1 – A diver should perform at a session lasting 20-30 minutes, at least 3 times a week of resistance exercise. While weight lifting is great, you may want to consider alternatives like bodyweight training (old fashioned callisthenics), cable or rubber band workouts.

Mature Scuba Fitness Key #2 – The older diver should also maintain an adequate level of aerobic endurance. With aerobics you can pick your poison: you can take long, brisk walks (from 30-60 minutes), ride stationary bikes, take classes, skip rope, or go running.

Mature Scuba Fitness Key #3 – Flexibility is an often overlooked but key fitness factor for the older sport scuba enthusiast. But often what appears to be “weakness” is actually a loss of core and overall body flexibility. The older diver would be well advised to add some form of stretching, Pilates or yoga to their weekly training.

Mature Scuba Fitness Key #4 – Nutrition while last if not the least of the fitness keys. A mature diver may have certain health conditions or illnesses that require dietary modifications in order to control. Eating correctly, not only maintains a healthy weight but it also aids the older diver in keeping on top of their game both mentally and physiologically.

By following these four simple keys to better fitness, the older diver can have many to enjoy all their diving adventures.


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