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Scuba diving classes are essential for anyone wanting to explore the world beneath the waves. Without certification, which is obtained when divers successfully complete a series of scuba diving classes, divers are not allowed to rent or buy dive equipment, or organise diving expeditions through travel agencies or dive shops. A typical diving course spreads lessons over two or three months, although intensive scuba courses that squeeze classes over a week or even a weekend are available. It's recommended, however, that student scuba divers opt for longer courses, as there is a lot to learn and it's very difficult to master it all and enter the water with confidence after only a few classes.

Many of the larger diving clubs offer a range of services, including training lessons for beginner divers, and advanced courses for established member to upgrade or refresh their scuba skills. The lessons that clubs offer include dive courses for kids, which are relatively cheap, up to the more expensive master diver courses for those who want to take their scuba diving to the next level. The cost of scuba diving lessons depends largely on the club, the type of course chosen and the size of the class with private classes topping the list of prices. Many clubs and schools offer free scuba diving lessons for children and beginners so that they can see if they like to dive.


How to Become a Dive Master - 2010-02-01 by admin

How to Become a Dive Master This article will introduce you to the recreational diving qualification of Dive Master and the many different responsibilities involved in the profession of diving.
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What Is A Scuba Diving Course - 2009-12-22 by admin

What Is A Scuba Diving Course If you are interested in going scuba diving, you may have been told that you should take a scuba diving course first before you go out into open water. A scuba diving course will help you learn the fundamentals of scuba diving.
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Scuba Diving as a Career Choice - 2009-04-03 by admin

Scuba Diving as a Career Choice It's your dream job, spending your days diving the warm waters of the Caribbean, surrounded by schools of exotic marine life and with vibrant shades of coral clambering over the seabed. Which one of us wouldn’t want a job where you get paid for doing something you both love? (And something which all tourists have to pay for?) But what career options are there for a diver that would like to make his passion his career?
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Search and Rescue Diving - 2009-03-13 by admin

Search and Rescue Diving Drowning is reported to be the fourth leading cause of accidental death, whether fresh water, bath tubs, swimming pools lakes, rivers streams, ponds. Many of these victims interestingly enough, are a result of the combination of heat exhaustion and alcohol abuse.
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Deep Sea Diving and Commercial Diving - 2009-02-27 by admin

Deep Sea Diving and Commercial Diving This division of diving is reserved for brave, gritty persons who have a passion for the water and don't mind getting their hands dirty… very dirty. It's a serious and dangerous branch way off the beaten track of recreational diving.
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