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Buying a Dive Watch

Submitted by divetime on 2008-11-04 | Last Modified on 2010-05-25

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If you’re looking for dive watch, there are a few things you should know and take into account in order to buy what you really need. Besides, a dive timer or a dive computer might contain features that a dive watch would offer, and you should make the choice between a scuba dive watch and a dive timer before making unnecessary commitments.

There are scuba dive watches available with several different features and functions, such as depth gauges, alarms or ascent warnings, and of which, perhaps only one of these functions is necessary for your type of dive. If you opt for buying a dive timer or a dive computer, you should also consider buying a watch in order to use it as a back up system in case you have a problem with the timer while you’re under water.

When it comes to choosing among hundreds of different scuba diver’s watches, you should start by checking if they can resist water pressure of over 200 meters. There are some watches that are resistant for only 50 meters, and this makes them useless for deeper diving activities. 50 meter-resistant watches are suitable for swimming or taking a shower, but they would most likely break if you dive with them.

A dive watch should rotate anti clockwise, and should have legible hands and a clear display. You should check that the scuba dive watch you choose has an expandable strap that can fit a suit cuff seal or, in case it doesn't, that it was bought from a reputable store that allows exchanges.

Watches for scuba diving need a stopwatch. This stopwatch should allow you to easily operate it while diving in cold water, with equipment, while wearing gloves. Also consider acquiring a retaining strap that gives you security and retains the watch if the strap breaks.

As a general recommendation, whether you buy a watch or a dive timer, you should look for simplicity rather than a complicated or expensive object, since you could easily lose or break scuba diving watches while practicing the sport. The best scuba diving watches are those that are functional and secure, and remain on your wrist and in working order, no matter how deep you choose to go.

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