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One of the most important rules all scuba divers, no matter how experienced, should always follow is to always be prepared. There is no telling what scuba divers will need once they're in the water, so divers tend to carry a variety of accessories and tools with them when they take the plunge.

The most common tools or accessories used by scuba divers are the ones that the general public are most familiar with, such as diving masks, wetsuits, flippers (or fins) and Aqualungs or rebreathers. Full face diving masks offer divers the best in face protection as they cover the entire face, as well as provide a clear view of scuba divers' underwater surroundings. For night dives, a torch or flashlight can be attached to scuba diving masks or helmets.


Buying a Dive Watch - 2008-11-04 by divetime

Buying a Dive Watch If you’re looking for dive watch and dive timers, there are a few things you should know and take into account in order to buy what you really need.
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