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Contour+2 HD vs GoPro Hero2 HD

Contour+2 HD vs GoPro Hero2 HD

We take a look at the new Contour+2 and see how it stacks up against the already established GoPro HD Hero 2. Read Moremore

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Competitions (13 Photos)

Welcome to the divetime underwater photography competition page....Read Moremore

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Mexico (293 Dive Sites)


One of the origins of the name 'Mexico' is; "Place at the middle of the moon" from the Aztec that legend tells of the 'Mexicas' tribe who first saw the moon's mesmerizing reflection upon Lake ... Read Moremore

California (312 Dive Sites)


For travellers and divers of all experience levels, there are few places as beautiful or as scenic as the South Californian coast. Diving in California allows trips underwater during the day and ... Read Moremore

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